5 Sleep Diffuser Blends: Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blends

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Is your sleep quality something you’d like to improve? Do you have trouble staying asleep at night? If so, then this is for you! In order to take proper care of yourself, you need to sleep well every night, but not everyone gets enough sleep. Find out how to enhance your sleep with the best sleep diffuser blends here.

In addition to relaxing your nerves, essential oils can help reduce snoring, combat sleep apnea, and energize you upon waking. Sleep plays a large part in feeling well and not getting enough rest makes you feel cranky in the morning.

Essentially, these essential oil blends can help you attain deep sleep throughout the night.

1. Dream Essential Oil Blend

sleep essential oil blend

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Designed to enhance deep sleep quality, this blended aromatherapy blend contains chamomile, lavender, clary sage, and ylang-ylang oils. In order to facilitate better sleep, a warm aroma is spread throughout the room to create a relaxing atmosphere. Even though many people use lavender oil for sleep, but combining these essential oils together enhances your daily nighttime routine even more.

2. Up Nature Sleep Blend

sleep essential oil blend

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This blend contains two essential oils: lavender and chamomile. With this blend, you can expect to drift off to a peaceful night’s sleep! Diffusing it promotes a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep environment. I love this blend because you can drop a few drops directly on the pillow, comforter, or bed sheet. Additionally, you can massage reflex points on the feet, back, neck, or temples for a tranquil and relaxing environment to help you fall asleep.

3. Sleep And Relaxation Essential Oil Blend

Sleep & Relaxation Essential Oil Blend

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When you’ve had a hectic and stressful day, you just want to relax and rest. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this oil blend for sleep. This sleep diffuser blend helps you calm your mind and body simultaneously. Also, with or without a diffuser, you can use this blend. You can do this by placing a few drops on your pillow or comforter or you can add 4-5 drops to a diffuser. Lastly, there are lavender, sage, balsam, marjoram, and chamomile in this blend, which is known to improve sleep quality.

4. Good Night Synergy Blend

sleep diffuser blend

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Some say that the blend feels like a weighted blanket, soft sheets, and the perfect mattress. It’s totally believable since lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile, bergamot, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, key lime, lime, and vanilla make up a sleep diffuser blend known for its relaxing properties. The synergy blend promotes deep, meaningful rest while soothing the body. For a good night’s sleep, apply a few drops to your pillow.

5. Zen Sleep Essential Oil

sleep diffuser blend

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This blend is made up of 3 essential oils: orange, lavender, and rosemary. The Zen Sleep aromatherapy diffuser oil can be used to create a comfortable sleep environment to help you feel relaxed through the night. A few drops of this blend can be placed on your pillow, comforter, or bed sheet for an ambient sleep.


How To Use A Diffuser With Essential Oils

Not all oils can be applied to your body to achieve their benefits. Some people, however, have experienced skin irritation, which is why a diffuser is a safer, proven way to achieve the benefits of essential oils. All you really have to do is ass a few drops into your diffuser.

Diffusers are categorized into three groups:

  • Nebulizers: essential oils can be vaporized without the use of water using a nebulizer. Essential oils are dispersed in the air by an atomizer.
  • Similarly, a nebulizing diffuser and an ultrasonic diffuser produce a fine mist. An ultrasonic diffuser produces a mist of water and essential oils by using water and essential oils. Slightly humidifying the air.
  • With heat diffusers, essential oils and water are transformed into gas. Electricity, heat, and candle flames can power these.

Are Diffusers Bad For Your Lungs?

Essential oils are administered through inhalation from the air, which is the safest and quickest method of absorption. Although oils can be diffused, proper handling is still essential. In spite of that, the best way to diffuse essential oils is to diffuse them in a room with proper ventilation.

Where Do You Put Essential Oils On Your Body For Sleep?

Try rubbing a few drops on certain parts of your body such as your chest, wrist, sides of your neck, forehead, hands, or soles of your feet. However, essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil before being applied directly to the skin. The reason is that undiluted essential oils can cause skin irritation. Despite that, using diffusers for essential oils remain the safest way.

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In Conclusion

Some factors can affect a person’s ability to sleep well, including their environment and lifestyle. Many people, including myself, have found that using sleep diffuser blends helped them sleep at night and maintain a deep sleep at night. Therefore, do not be afraid to try these deep sleep essential oil blends. The importance of good sleep cannot be overstated.

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