16 Fun Things To Do Alone At Home

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One of the things I sometimes struggle with while adulting is being on my own because all my friends are so busy. We all are so busy and finding the time to plan an event for socializing becomes almost impossible.

Most times we end up missing half of the party if at we are able to successfully go out together. I’ve come to accept that adulting has a very close relationship with boredom and loneliness but that can’t stop me from having fun by myself.

16 Fun Things To Do Alone At Home

1. Take yourself out on a picnic. Really. I did it and it was fun. I grabbed my picnic blanket, some snacks, and my current read. I didn’t realize how much I needed the silence and the fresh air.

2. Go to the movies. I know you may feel it’s awkward because most people go in groups and pairs. Seeing a movie by yourself is still a very fun thing to do. I just pick it up anytime by noon.

3. Learn a new language. I have been taking French lessons with my Rosetta Stone software (over 24 languages to choose from) to advance my career prospects. Learning a new language can be very useful as well if you plan on moving abroad or taking a trip. 

16 fun things to do alone

4.  Go out to eat. I have taken myself out on several dates and I enjoyed myself all through. I get it, eating by yourself can be hard so what I do is go at lunchtime. Between 2 and 3 pm skip the rush.

5. Go to a hot yoga class. While hot yoga may not help you lose weight, the high humidity will leave you with glowing skin. 

6. Read a life-changing book. I’ve been trying really hard to cultivate my reading habit and so far it’s going well. The trick is by picking out books that are highly engaging to keep you committed. 

7. Spending time alone can be a form of self-care depending on how you spend it. Why not draw yourself a healing bubble bath and enjoy a night in? Light a scented candle, put on calming music, and pamper yourself away. 

8. Cook yourself a nice dinner. Delicious dinner recipes are all over Pinterest, so grab a pen and paper. Get the necessary groceries and treat yourself. 

9. Walk your dog- fashionably. Don’t just put on sweatsuits, wear a nice dress, and comfy shoes and take your dog to the park. Looking good while doing the most basic of tasks can change how you feel about it.

10.  Surely there’s a  place everyone but you have been to. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t been to the CN tower and it’s the most famous attraction in Toronto. Be a tourist for a day and go see something new. 

11. Travel. I think everyone owes themselves the experience of solo traveling. Some people find this nerve-racking understandably but you don’t have to let that deter you. Do proper research about where you intend to go, somewhere safe that hasn’t been in the news for the past 90 days.  Stay in a known hotel for extra safety.

12. Go to a farmer’s market. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through your local farmer’s market, grab your eco-friendly shopping tote, and find some fresh produce that you have never cooked with before.

fun things to do alone

13. Charity. Declutter your home and do so giveaway. Not only will you free up more space in your home but you will also put some smiles on some people’s faces. 

14. Challenge your intelligence. Do a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or work on a Rubik’s Cube. If you finish them alone, claim all of the bragging rights rather than having to share them with a friend. 

15. Start a blog. Blogging started for me as a hobby and now it has become a venture for me. 

16. Learn a new skill. If you’re getting bored with your current pastimes, it may be time to learn something new. You don’t need any experience or talent– in fact, that’s the point when you have google. Have you ever written a song, learned a new language, or played the piano?

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