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Simple Self Love Tips For A Happy Life

When we are asked, “Do you love yourself?” We are quick within microseconds to say “yes!”. The reason is how ‘crazy’ we’d look if we hesitated even for a few seconds. So we are quick to say yes, even if it’s not entirely true. Whatever you decide to tell people is really up to you as long as you are keeping it 100% with yourself deep inside.

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10 Healthy Morning Habits That Tremendously Changed My Life

Now I never paid much attention to my morning routine and that’s basically because I wasn’t a morning person. I have always been a night owl.


That’s when I come alive and get most of my work done. That’s just the time I’m most creative and can actually be productive. 


In search of healthy morning habits, I decided to switch things around just to see what works and what doesn’t. This post is not to tell you exactly what you must do to have a less stressful and happier day but to see if one or more of my tips will work for you as well.


Differences in personalities, chores, jobs, family dynamic don’t make topics like these a one size fits all, unfortunately.


Reasons Why I Switched To My Current Morning Habits 

It’s very easy to fall into the night owl lifestyle when you are single, live alone and have to be responsible for just yourself.


From working nonstop on my computer from university, I jumped straight into another computer-based lifestyle; blogging.


I’d be on my computer all day long and because I worked late in the morning (3am-4am), I’d wake up by midday. Half of the day would be gone but it didn’t seem to matter since I work for myself anyway, I’m an introvert with little errands that could still be achieved in the afternoon hours.


I convinced myself that I was getting more done by working late but I sleep 8 hours so that easily made it counterproductive.


Hoeverver, as much as I liked that lifestyle I had to quit it for numerous reasons so of which are;

  • My sleep pattern became irregular and easily disrupted by noises generated from other peoples morning activities.
  • I woke up tired most times.
  • It was difficult to make early morning appointments.
  • Breakfast wasn’t even a question.
  • I put on a few unflattering pounds around my midsection from late night snacking.
  • It was hard to be productive until nighttime.


1o Morning Habits For A Healthy Life


This has become an integral part of my morning. I know a lot of people will rather meditate at night time to clear their minds in order to sleep better (which I do too). Though, I like to start my morning this way as well. It preps me better on how to approach the day.



Get Hydrated

Hydrating is very important to me for two reasons. One, it’s doctor recommended and two, it aids in having a healthy bowel movement. I’m not one of those people blessed with a healthy regular bowel movement but I noticed that drinking a glass of water before food in the morning helps greatly.



Do Some Yoga/Stretches

I spoke on yoga in my last post about how it’s beneficial in creating a healthy mindset. This is a very peaceful and special moment for me to be in tune with myself while gaining physical benefits from it by working my muscles.

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Say Morning Affirmations

I use morning affirmations as a preemptive defense mechanism to rid negative thoughts and situations that I may come across on each day.  These are very vital to me, I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful and confident I feel whenever I practice this act. Read more here.

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Having Breakfast

Breakfast was a luxury when I was deep into my night owl lifestyle. I just slipped into having lunch as a first meal of the day which is very unhealthy, lacked important morning nutrients you typically get in breakfast meals. This really changed my morning because it makes feel so energetic and I’m 10x more productive.



Taking My Vitamins

This is not for everyone, it has a lot more to do with the state of your overall health. I recently purchased B Complex and Cod Liver Oils to provide me with some nutrients I seem to never get enough of. I find that I’m very energetic and it boosts my overall mood.  It’s best you consult your doctor before taking vitamins.



Morning Showers

I like to have a shower twice a day, morning and evening. Really important to my skincare routine but most importantly, it has a way of waking you up and there’s nothing I can compare that fresh feeling to, coffee doesn’t even come close.

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Consult My To-Do List

I like to prioritize my tasks and chores to fit a time schedule where they will be easier for me to achieve. I typically do home chores like cleaning and laundry around the evening time while errands like going to the malls, post office, and appointments obviously have to be completed during work hours but I opt for 9- 10 am so I can have the rest of the day for work.

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