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5 Self Care Activities For Instant Boost In Wellbeing

For me, self-care activities comprise of everything I do in my daily life that makes me smile, makes me feel better and makes me look better.


So a beauty regimen, a mental health check, and every other activity I engage in that brings me genuine happiness and joy will be reviewed.


I like to switch some things out of my self-care routine as the season changes just so I don’t get bored of it. You want to enjoy your self-care routine.


It’s a lifestyle and should be a memorable experience. Also, some things that worked in winter wouldn’t work in the warmer months.


For example, taking a hot bath will be minimal, I take cold baths during these months.


When I think of spring, I think light and airy things, freedom, and everything easy on the mind. Even my choice of food and music I listen to changes.


The terrible weather is gone and it’s just time for me to feel completely relaxed and blissed out.



5 Things To Do For Self Care


Idea #1: Spring Cleaning

Self-care is not just about your body, your environment matters too. For me, when I am in a clean space it uplifts my mood and I feel more relaxed and calm.


Clutter has a way of imitating chaos which can easily affect your mood and peace of mind. So spring is around the corner and it’s time for the good old spring cleaning.


Change out your curtains, bring out the colorful bed linens, burn cherry blossom candles and give your space the much-needed makeover.


Another thing I like to do is buy a house plant just for a fresh look, and the idea of looking after it is another way to activate your nurturing abilities.

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Idea #2: Take A Short Trip 

Another idea for a spring-summer self-care activity is taking short trips. You don’t even have to go somewhere far away. I am a natural explorer so whenever I get the chance, I like to explore other states or cities close to me.


Book a wellness trip or a spa getaway or yoga retreat for a weekend away. I find that it helps with feeling refreshed and a real mood booster! Such a trip can be taken alone and reap all the benefits of spending some time alone.



Idea #3: Go On A Picnic With Friends Or Partner

There’s is something so refreshing about being out in nature, fresh air and butterflies fluttering about during the warmer months.


It’s a perfect time to get together with your loved ones and support system. Share some laughs, healthy snacks and just enjoy the presence of each other.


We live such a fast life these days and we forget to spend quality time with the people we care about. Social media cannot take the place of true human connections which is much needed from time to time.


This is an activity you can actually enjoy all by yourself or with family.

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Idea #4:  Create A Workout Plan

Now that winter is coming to an end, it’s time to get your summer body ready but totally unnecessary if you are happy with how you look. I’ll embrace myself through all the rolls and cellulite.


However, if you are someone who battles with self-image then this is worth a shot. Register at the gym if you have to. When you look good, you feel good!


That positive energy you get from feeling good about yourself will flow into other areas of your life.



Idea #5: Do Some Charity Work

We all purchase a lot of stuff during the winter time that we may never use again which brings me to my first point.


While cleaning and decluttering your home, separate the items you want to throw away and some other item that can be donated to others.


Extra coats, boots and household items in good condition can be given away. In as much as self-care is about taking care of yourself, when you take care of others and do good deeds it becomes good karma that will come back to you someday.


Trust me you want that! There’s just an unexplainable joy you get from giving and doing acts of kindness.



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  • Jessica
    February 22, 2019

    Love your suggestions dear, especially on picnic with your friends and loved one – that’s never a bad idea.
    Jessica |

  • Teya @ TLM blog
    June 1, 2019

    I love the idea of taking a trip by myself! It’s something that I’ve really done before so the thought is a little scary but could be totally worth it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ray
      July 26, 2019

      It’s so worth it. I bet you’ll enjoy it and after that, you will feel like you can do anything in life all by yourself. Builds courage and confidence.