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Your Guide To A Step By Step Personal Development Plan

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for the longest. Personal development is the point of life! It’s why we are here and if you are not growing or trying to develop yourself every day, it’s time to start darling!

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Journal Prompts: Self Discovery Questions To Get You Started

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Most of us are on a journey of self-discovery. Still trying to figure out who we are and our individual life purpose. Even when you have figured out who you are, you may still need some remembrance because sometimes we forget. I guess that is why we go through challenges and obstacles in life so …

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13+ Delicious Keto Dinners For Massive Weight Loss

There’s a very good reason why the ketogenic diet is everywhere. Not only because it works, but it is also indulgent and keto recipes actually taste delicious! This diet has helped millions of people lose massive weight at a steady rate and what is most important about this is that it is a healthy weight …

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How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs Forever!

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Strawberry legs is a very common problem for lots of women. I started to notice mine in my late teen years and though they don’t bother me so much, I still like the appearance of smoother legs especially on a night out or just during summer.

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How To Protect Yourself From Negativity Energy

Protecting yourself from negative energy has become a hard days job. It seems the more you are trying to be a good positive person the more life throws curveballs your way and people will test you but they key is trying your best not to let them bring out the worst in you. Remember, negative …

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5 Life-Changing Healthy Bedtime Habits

Bedtime is one of my favorite moments I look forward to every day. My bedroom is like my sanctuary and I could spend hours in there just lazing around whenever I get the chance to.

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Top Retinol Products For Baby Smooth Skin, Wrinkle & Acne Free

Retinol products have been making quite the wave when it comes to top rated skin care products. I got introduced to retinol serum by my friend when I was suffering from acne and blemishes. I was very skeptical about it considering my skin is somewhat sensitive. I finally gave it a try and while it …

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Habits That Sabotage Your Happiness

Are you constantly trying to reach your happiness point but with very little progress you make, you manage to find yourself right back where you began? For me, what I’ve come to understand is that happiness is a daily choice. You have to make a conscious decision about it every day when you wake up. …

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3 Things Holding You Back From Self Improvement

Have you ever found yourself going back and forth when it comes to making decisions that will benefit your life? Do you wake up every morning telling yourself ‘today is the day I make some changes’ but shortly after spiral back into your old routines?  If you answered yes then this post is for you! …

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Skincare Products That Promise To Make A Difference

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Shopping on Amazon has been one of my favorite things to do as of late. I just go on there, perusing and adding stuff into my cart and how amazing is it that my items come to me the next day? Prime is the way!

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