About The Blog


This is a self-improvement & self-care blog that was started in 2018 as an outlet to share my life and my experiences with the world and as a means to connect with like-minded people; anyone who values making healthy and positive changes for a better life.


I’d like to quickly point out that I am not a life coach and neither am I an expert but all I simply do is borrow inspiration from my personal experiences in life and share them in an article-style format. One good thing about that is everything I write about is generated from only my point of view.


One key reason why I started this blog is that everyone in my life finds me very trustworthy and loves to share personal things with me in hopes of getting a piece of advice. I have been told I am easy to talk to and I give great tips about general lifestyle topics. 


This is why I started this blog. Nothing fancy-schmancy. I just want to share with you what I share with my loved ones.