Things I Do To Simplify My Daily Life – And It Works

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Life is so complicated I’m sure you know. It’s hard to maintain order between getting ready for work each day and juggling every other aspect of your life so why not try to simplify your life? 

To create a much-needed balance for my very busy life, I started doing some things to simplify my life which creates a seamless flow for me. 

I have so much time now to do every other task and stay organized and productive with these simple tips. My tips will work for anyone whether you have a 9 – 5 or you work from home.

Having a plan like mine helps reduce stress and keep my anxiety levels really low. Doing these things makes me feel like I am in control and that sure allows me to sleep better at night

Ways To Simplify And Organize Your Life

1. Meal Prep

Meal prepping has been my biggest time and lifesaver. I love cooking but it is not something I want to do every day.

I’ve come to understand the importance of time as an adult with lots of commitments. 

Having a ready meal in the fridge when I’m back home from work helps me a lot.

I’m usually exhausted so what I do is cook meals usually over the weekend in preparation for the week to come.

So I use my healthy meal planning bundle with tonnes of recipes for all kinds of diets to make this process a lot easier and faster for me.

I portion my meals in my food containers, let them cool down to room temperature and then put them in the fridge or freeze them.    

2. Schedule Your Laundry Weekly 

This may seem a bit inconsequential at first but I bet there have been days when you realized you’re out of clean socks or underwear. 

I don’t know about you but I have when that happens to me. 

To avoid this, I just do my laundry weekly even when I feel like I have lots of clean clothes.

Doing this regularly also ensures your home is clean and doesn’t have dirty clothes that can easily look like clutter.

This brings me to my next tip.

3. Declutter Your Home

Mess looks like chaos and chaos leads to anxiety most times. This may be borderline OCD, but I really can’t function or be productive in an environment that is cluttered.

What I like to do is make sure I put stuff away and return things back to where I picked them immediately after use. 

If I fail at that, I just try to keep everywhere tidy before bed.

4. Get Rid Of Difficult People

This may be easier said than done but the truth is that dealing with negative difficult people can be very draining. 

You need to take care of yourself in all aspects and that means your social circle too.

However, there are people you can’t just get rid of because they’re family but you need to put such people at arm’s length.

Minimize communications with negative people and speak less about yourself with them so they have nothing to say to you that could upset you. 

5. Create A Morning Routine

To be honest I used to be a mess in the morning snoozing my alarm up to 5 times before I can finally get up. I am sure some of you can relate to this.

I’d miss my breakfast because I didn’t have enough time for it.

I got tired of living like that and made the decision to put my life in order.

If you want a routine to start your day with then have a look at my current morning routine.

Ever since I began this, my whole life has remained organized and simplified. 

6. Develop The Habit Of Budgeting

Everything is super expensive and one thing we all have in common is bills. To stay on top of my bills and avoid debts, I budget every single expense in my budget planner.

The last thing you want is to develop anxiety because of mismanaged funds. 

Using my planner has been very helpful for me in paying my bills and taking control of my money.

This is a key thing you have to do if you want a plan to save money as well.

Unexpected expenses can occur and you want to be prepared.

7. Embrace A Minimal Lifestyle

This doesn’t mean you have to toss out everything you own and replace them with all black-and-white stuff. Far from it.

Minimalism here is simply reducing excess purchases. Stop buying everything you want and buy only what you need. 

When you buy loads of stuff, they either get used a few times or not at all and end up being cluttered in your home. 

Also, not a very smart move if you are trying to save money.

Minimalism is a key strategy for me when it comes to financing and planning.

8. Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is very beneficial to your life, literally.

Developing healthy habits around food will reduce your chances of getting sick and developing some chronic illnesses like diabetes for example.

Getting sick can easily complicate your life, and having to spend lots of money on medication and frequent hospital visits can bite chunks out of your time.  

9. Treat Yourself

Do something that makes you happy. Splurge on yourself once in a while because you are worth it.

This is why you want to practice budgeting and saving money so you can buy something nice for yourself once in a while. 

10. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Simplifying your life also involves being a happy person. Chase all your dreams, pursue your favorite hobbies, and develop your crafts. 

Doing this led me to blog. The human mind is loaded with lots of ideas not to pursue your dreams. 

A really important thing to do is to find fulfillment in life.  

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