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Best Guided Journals Every Woman Should Get

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Guided journals are great for anyone looking to take charge of their lives and be on top of every aspect.


The idea of journaling is kind of new to me. I’ve tried plain old journaling where I just write down my thoughts as I like in no particular fashion.


I started bullet journaling recently as well which has been very great for tracking my life basically; to-do lists, long and short term goals as well. 


I, fortunately, came across guided journaling which I think is what I’ll be sticking to.


Using guided journals makes the idea of journaling much clearer and easy to follow.


Guided journals typically have pre-made page layouts that tell you what to write about on them.


Unlike bullet journals, you can get specific journals that tackle key areas of your life such as money, self-care, diet, health, and even pregnancy. 


I take my guided journal as a personal diary that helps me track and set achievable goals.



Best Guided Journals For Women



Guided Journal For Happiness

If you don’t mind a bit of profanity and you intend on seizing your happiness instead of waiting for it then Let That Sh*t Go is the one for you. 


This journal is the one you need to help you let go of past hurt and move forward with your life in happiness. 


guided journal for happiness



Guided Journal For Self Discovery

Do you want to know yourself better? Self-discovery and self-awareness are not easy. With simple but provocative questions about wishes and fears, memories and beliefs, secrets and dreams, All About Me will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about yourself but never thought or dared to ask.


guided journal for personal development



Guided Journal To Inspire Joy

Emily Ley put this journal together for women who may feel a bit overwhelmed when there is a lot to do.


In A Standard Of Grace, you will find the help you need to nurture your dreams, discover your hopes, and pay attention to those things you hold dearest to your heart. 


This guided journal contains quotes, journaling prompts, and Scripture.  It’s designed for you you to reach for the life of you want gracefully.


guided journal for happiness



Guided Journal For Mindfulness

With just seven minutes of effort per day, The Mindful Life Journal is the life-affirming journal you need to live a more mindful life.


If you like time-tested methods, structured methods to self-reflection, and using just a few minutes a day to make real change, then you’ll love this inspirational guide. 


guided journal for mindfulness



Guided Journal For Inspiring Positivity

Another favorite from Monica Sweeny. On each page of this delightfully profane journal, Find Your F*cking Happy, you can scribble away the negativity, and open your arms wide to the positivity that you deserve.


Give your spirits a boost with a down-to-earth approach to mindfulness journaling!


guided journals for positivity



Guided Journal For Manifesting

Now don’t get spooked by this one. It’s a meditative daily guide for witches of all levels to help gather strength from within and focus your energy on positive thoughts that can become things. 


The Mindful Witch suits those who love crystals, candles and believe in the power of the universe and spirit guides.


guided journal for manifestation



Guided Journal For Anxiety

Looking for a book to write down your thoughts, track your episodes and triggers? The Anxiety Journal includes anxiety and mood tracker pages where you can create weekly graphs, worksheets, and symptom logs to help identify triggering situations and work through them.  


guided journals for people with anxiety



Guided Journal For Grandparents 

What I love most about this journal is the level of the sentimental value it can create. Imagine receiving a handwritten life lesson by your grandmother with details of untold stories, advice and wisdom. Amazing right? 


From A Grandmother’s Heart is a very special journal you should get today and start documenting your life for your granddaughter. 


guided journals for grandmothers



Guided Journal For Pregnant Women

Cherish every moment of your pregnancy, from bump to new baby, with this adorable keepsake book.


Document every tiny detail of your pregnancy from the beginning, track your emotions, details about decorating, shopping and the arrival of your baby in My Pregnancy: From Bump To Baby


pregnancy guided journal



If you have used one of these guided journals or any other ones in the past, please share your experience in the comments.



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  • Jessica
    October 8, 2019

    These all sound great, especially the mindfulness journal. I’d love to check that out. Thanks for sharing dear!

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