5 Telling Signs You Should Take A Break From Your Friends

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Friendship with someone is a lovely thing to have but there are also times when this relationship gets hard to keep.


I have a very small circle of friends as most adults in their thirties do.


Personally I find sharing information about myself hard which makes me reluctant to widen my circle.


Trust is key to maintaining any relationship and without it you have nothing. So I don’t bother.


More importantly, being someone’s friend is a special kind of responsibility most people tend to overlook. 


You have to be caring and accepting, nonjudgemental if you really want to be a friend.


There is no manual on how to be a friend because friendship is developed from mutual understanding and individual traits.


All friendships are unique.


Friendship is a very enjoyable relationship to have but there are times when we just need a break from it.


Once a friendship doesn’t align with your principles and goals in life anymore you have two choices; end it or take a break for auditing and reassessment.



5 Signs You Should Take A Break From A Friendship


1. You Start Getting Annoyed By The Smallest Things


For me, when this starts happening I know I’m close to being done.


When a friend starts to make comments I don’t find funny and engage in activities that don’t align with my core values then I’m not sure how we can be good friends.


Not to contradict myself, I am very open-minded and not judgemental for the most part.


Everyone has the right to be themselves but you also have the right to chose who you socialize with. 


When comments that you might have laughed over in the past don’t seem that funny anymore or that infamous habit of theirs that you thought was cool isn’t anymore then it may be time to make a decision.


You can have a talk with your friend to see what happens but all this really means is that you are outgrowing the friendship.


And that’s totally okay. The point of living isn’t to be stagnant.


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2. You Aren’t As Engaged In Conversations Anymore


Another sign is being lost in your thoughts more frequently when you get together.


You are way more entertained in you though bubbles that what is actually being said.


This is a sign that you are becoming awakened and enlightened and you’ll rather be somewhere else.


It may be time to reevaluate your friendships and the people you hang around when you are in a crowd but feel alone. 


In this case, you mustn’t end the friendship. You just have to make sure you are not losing yourself by not following your genuine interests in life.


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3. Being Too Dependent On Them 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing support from people.


When it becomes wrong is when you can’t do anything by yourself without other people’s blessings. 


That’s a bad case of codependency that can actually lead to toxic relationships. 


You may have seen that you are texting your friend to hang out all the time.


If this is you, you’ve become dependent on them to have fun, and whenever they can’t hang out, it’s a huge letdown.


You can’t always rely on people to be a source of entertainment for you. Take a step back. Pick up some new habits like blogging, crafting, painting e.tc.


You have to be able to stand alone sometimes. 



4. You Have Become A Shadow Of Yourself

In this friendship, you are not progressing and you are not making better choices. 


You can’t afford to have these kinds of friends if you are someone with goals and dreams to accomplish in life.


Whenever you try to do better they make fun of or just find a way to drag you back into their own darkness.


One thing to always remember in life is that there are people who don’t have anything to lose and will drag you into their mess. 


Avoid such people at all costs. End that relationship.



5. They Never Want To Do What You Want To Do

I have sadly experienced this before and what it does to you is make you feel small or your opinion doesn’t count.


Being open to your friends choice of activity is a sacrifice that has to be made every now and then.


There are so many places I’ve gone to eat even when I hated the food there but I did to maintain then friendship.


If your wants are not heared then it’s time to opt-out of that friendship.


Now if pickier and more selective about the kind of people I call friends and I am so lucky to have people in my life now who listen to me and vice-versa. 


This is why you need to find your tribe with common interests to minimize conflicts.


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