30 Signs Your Feminine Energy Is Blocked + How To Fix It

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Women possess naturally charming and attractive energy that is known as feminine energy. Certain people, however, are unable to access this energy. It is okay if you’re unsure whether that pertains to you or not. We will be talking about how to identify signs your feminine energy is blocked in this article.

When you have blocked feminine energy, you might not feel in alignment with who you truly are. For a solution, you should read these listed signs below, then follow these tips to radiate feminine energy to get it back.

What Is Blocked Feminine Energy?

Every one of us has both feminine and masculine energies within. However, It is important to know when these energies have to function. It is very necessary to understand how to balance the energies.

If you are out of balance with both energies, you could experience blocked feminine energy. The feminine energy is lost instead of balancing both energies.

It is still possible to have a strong feminine presence within a society that tends to favor masculine energies. Don’t lose yourself in the process.

Signs Your Feminine Energy Is Blocked.

Signs Your Feminine Energy Is Blocked

1. You Refuse Help

Refusing help when you really need it could be a sign you have blocked feminine energy. You’d rather do something alone even when someone offers to help. Although asking for help might make you feel weak, in reality, it’s a smart step toward solving problems.

2. Beauty Isn’t Important To You

Beauty or looking attractive aren’t important to you or you dislike buying makeup items. Taking steps to enhance your beauty might not be of interest to you.

3. You Neglect Your Looks

You’re not interested in dressing nice. Wearing ill fitting clothes or looking frumpy doesn’t matter to you. Usually, you grab whatever is in the hanger and proceed with your day.

4. Tendency To Be Aggressive

Your way of speaking and your mannerisms show a lack of softness and aggression. It might be hard for you to maintain a calm state of mind.

5. Neglect Personal Hygiene

You have untidy hair, skin, and nails. Going to salons or even doing them yourself isn’t worth it to you. It’s possible that you don’t shower enough, build-up always under your nails and don’t care for your hair.

6. Over-reliance On Oneself

Your biggest fear is having to rely on others for anything, so you might do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening.

7. Joy Is Lacking In Your Life

Even though you have no real reasons to be unhappy, happiness seems difficult for you to achieve.

8. Absence Of Sensuality

Depth and warmth are lacking.

9. You Put No Value On Rest

The mantra you live by is probably: “hustle until all your haters ask if you are hiring”. As a result, you think resting is a waste of time. Ambition itself is not a bad thing, but the way you approach it matters.

10. Self-Care Is Not A Priority For You

Your view of self-care activities is that they are a waste of time, and you’d rather be doing something else.

11. Your Actions Lack Grace

Your walking, talking, and acting style does not reflect grace or elegance. Therefore, being ladylike behavior is not a habit of yours.

12. You’re Too Confrontational

Confrontations and debates are your forte and you probably like to be the one to say the last word.

13. Comparing Yourself To Men

In evaluating your accomplishments, you often compare your progress with other men. In order to measure your performance, you must compare it to theirs.

14. Wearing Masculine Clothes

Baggy shirts, oversized jackets, and baggy pants are some of your favorite clothes.

15. Loud Talking

A habit of talking very loud even in a quiet room, with a lack of grace and softness when laughing

16. Lack Of Empathy

Since empathy is a major factor in feminine energy, lacking empathy towards others may indicate that yours is blocked.

17. Love Doing Handy Work

Getting on ladders, sweeping gutters, and building things are all things you enjoy. There is a big difference between trying to fix something quickly and actually enjoying these activity as a hobby.

Signs Your Feminine Energy Is Blocked.

18. Always Hanging With The Guys

Many of your friends are male, and you prefer hanging out with them to your girlfriends.

19. You Are Ego-Driven

The egotistical person is only concerned with themselves and completely self-absorbed. A person who exhibits this behavior is showing signs of masculine energy.

20. You Suppress Your Emotions

Feelings or emotions are not something you often show to others. There may be a part of you that thinks it is weak to do so.

21. Feminine Men Find You Attractive

Remember that these energies complement each other and need to be balanced. Therefore, as a result of your masculine energy, feminine men are drawn to you.

22. Not Into Discussions About Women

Discussing women’s issues makes you uncomfortable.

23. You Have Masculine Hobbies

You enjoy playing sports such as soccer, driving dumpster trucks and hunting. Activities which require a lot of physical energy

24. You Can’t Stand Emotional People

You feel uncomfortable when people express their emotions.

25. Shopping Makes You Miserable

A trip to the mall makes you grumpy.

26. Feminine Women Make You Cringe

When you see other feminine women you cringe and think that they are pretentious.

27. Suffering Offers You A Sense Of Self Worth

You think you must suffer to achieve anything worthwhile.

28. You Don’t Value Being Complimented

You don’t like to be complimented by others, and you don’t know how to handle it when it happens.

29. Lack Of Intuition

A high sense of intuition is also required by feminine energy, so if you lack this, you might only rely on reason and logic. You may notice this if you have blocked female energy

30. Your Role Models Are Men

The admiration of certain qualities possessed by men is acceptable, but not if you only look up to men as role models. Then it might be a sign that your feminine energy is blocked.

How Do You Unblock Feminine Energy?

If at least half of these signs that your feminine energy is blocked resonates with you, then it is clear yours is blocked. But not to worry, there are certain things you can do to unblock feminine energy. Some examples are;

  • tuning into your emotions
  • speaking with intent
  • practicing a self-care routine
  • making an effort to look nice
  • being spontaneous

To dig deeper into solving this problem, you need to follow these tips on how to radiate feminine energy.

In Conclusion

Note that displaying three of four of the signs your feminine energy is blocked does not necessarily mean that. However, if up to 8 – 10 of those things resonate with you then you’ll know for sure.

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  1. Every single one resonates. I recently started having all sorts of health issues on the left side of my body – only the left. Shin splits, Sciatica, Swollen tonsil, lumps in arm, eye pain, jaw pain, swollen glands, back pain. All on the left side – nothing on the right! I started digging to see if there was some connection or significance to left side body issues. What came back was blocked Feminine Energy and after reading this list I can see that all those things apply to me. Now how to undo it!

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