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Journal Prompts: Self Discovery Questions To Get You Started

Most of us are on a journey of self-discovery. Still trying to figure out who we are and our individual life purpose. Even when you have figured out who you are, you may still need some remembrance because sometimes we forget. I guess that is why we go through challenges and obstacles in life so that when we rise above them, we develop a new sense of self or just simply to strengthen our awareness.


Since we are not usually waiting for life’s ups and downs, we can help ourselves by asking questions that will make us reach deep within and hopefully find the answers that way. Only two things can happen here: you find out something new about yourself or build on what you already have an idea on. A deep soul search is relevant to living a fulfilling life while staying true to yourself.


self discovery


You can do this activity by practicing journaling which is basically writing your answers down in a notepad or simply meditate on them. Here goes;


1. What do I like about myself?

2. What parts of my life do I want to see a change in?

3, What am I grateful for?

4. What are my deepest fears?

5. Am I happy with where I live? Why?

6. Am I happy doing what I am currently doing?

7. Who are my inspired by? Why?

8. What is the most recent lesson I learned?

9. What do I hope to have accomplished by in the next 1 year? What am I doing about it?

10. What do I believe in?

11. What worries me most about the future?

12. If today was the last the day of my life, what would I do differently?

13. How many of my friends can I depend on?

14. What do I want most out of life?

15. What am I passionate about?

16. How would I describe myself?

17. What stresses me out?

18. Who are the most important people in my life?

19. What don’t I like about myself?

20. What am I doing to improve myself?


The point of this exercise is not to make yourself feel inadequate. A lot of the times we have a false perception of our selves and think of ourselves as who we really want to be. These questions are meant to help you through your journey of personal development. They awaken the reality of who we really are to ourselves so we can start working on ourselves.


What next??

Now that you are starting to have a better awareness of who you really are;

  • Focus on the things that make you happy.
  • Focus on the things you want to change.
  • Spend time doing things that you’re good at.
  • Avoid things that make you unhappy.

It’s as simple as that. Now you know who you are and you can proceed to makes plans and goals that work with who you are.



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