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Simple But Effective Ways I Reduce Anxiety At Night

Often times I wonder how to quiet down a chaotic mind simply because I’m one of those people who overthink things and replay scenarios in my mind over and over.


A chaotic mind can be caused by thoughts of exciting things or something that incites anxiety. It’s mostly the former for me though.


When someone gives me a piece of good news just before my bedtime, the excitement of it prevents me from sleeping until 4:00 am at the most.


So eventually, I learned a few ways to properly deal with this and I’ll be sharing them.



7 Ways To Quiet Down Your Mind


Have A Cup Of Tea

This is my main go-to as a first resolve usually because I notice the mind chatter mostly at night when I’m trying to relax and sleep. Herbal teas are great for this because most do not contain caffeine.


Caffeinated teas are what you want to avoid at this time because they can keep you up at night and increase your level of alertness which can lead to a racy mind. I usually opt for honey lavender tea and it works great every time.


According to research,  lavender increases slow-wave sleep, helps in slowing your heartbeat and relaxing your muscles. 


Another great option is chamomile tea for its calming properties. Having a warm drink at night is usually soothing and relaxing. You should give it a go.




Don’t let meditation scare you, anyone can do it and there really is no right or wrong way to do.


Of curse, certain things have to be in a place like having a quiet space to practice it.


Meditation is not all about aiming to empty your mind but simply to process your thoughts; to understand why they are there and how to make peace with them.


Only then will those thoughts not bother you anymore. I love to listen to a meditation on youtube but having my computer in bed is not very comfortable so I listen to meditation recordings on my phone with Audible App


You get your first 30 days with 2 audiobooks for free when you register with them. There are thousands of audiobooks from other categories on Audible you can listen to if meditation isn’t your thing.


Learn More Here



Burn Essential Oils

I have done this just a few times but certain essential oil blends can help you feel relaxed and less anxious before bed.


You can easily get original essential oils on Amazon formulated by aromatherapists and designed specifically for better sleep.


All you have to do is put a few drops of your oil on your incense burner to activate it.


The reason why I don’t use this method often is that I get lazy about getting out of bed when I’m already tucked in.


Since most incense burners use some sort of flame to work, you really need to make sure you put it out for safety.  For this reason, it’s best to opt for a flameless essential oil diffuser that has a timer for auto shut-off. Much safer.



Listen To Calming Music

Also, another favorite method of mine to quiet down the late-night mind chatter. I love to listen to music but nothing with actual lyrics.


Instrumentals are the way to go with this. Listening to music with lyrics at bedtime may be aggravating that it can keep you up much longer.


A lyric may resonate with a familiar situation which may cause you to anxiety and some deep thinking. Opt for flute music or piano music.


My two favorites because the sounds produced by these instruments can be so calming and soothing. 


Get yourself some quality inexpensive wireless earbuds, doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy like the apple ones. Just something good enough to get the job done.

wireless earbuds


Write Down Your Thoughts In A Journal

Another method to empty your thoughts at bedtime is by writing all that occupies your mind down in a journal. Just pencil it down and make use of drawings and/or stickers.


Practice this as an act such that you treat your journal as if it is someone you trust. Write everything down, close it and put it away. Some people are able to find peace of mind doing this.




If you just do not want to deal with your thoughts at all and just need a way to escape from them then reading is the way to go.


With reading, you get to utilize your mind to paint imageries and scenarios in your mind from the book you are reading.


This won’t give your mind a chance to worry about other things. Most times, I sleep off with a book on my chest.


To get you started, I’ll recommend Shakti Gawain’s book Living In The Light.


Get it on Amazon or listen to it for free using Audible’s 30-day free trial that also allows you to get two books free.



Crafts & DIY Projects

I find that crafts and d.i.y projects are a very good way to calm your mind as well. Not so much of a super crafty thing but I like to trim my nails and paint them especially times like these.


These sorts of activities can be fun to do. If you have a small project to complete around the house, or simply like to paint or knit then good for you!


Something to keep your those noisy thoughts at bay while you get get a moment of peace to yourself. 



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  • Jessica
    July 3, 2019

    I’d usually go with calming music, but yes, meditation really helps a lot. Thanks for the lovely read dear.
    Jessica |

    • Ray
      July 26, 2019

      Thanks for your lovely comments Jess.