5 Life-Changing Healthy Bedtime Habits

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Bedtime is one of my favorite moments I look forward to every day. My bedroom is like my sanctuary and I could spend hours in there just lazing around whenever I get the chance to.


Bedtime habits became really important to me when I started working a corporate job. I mean all the energy spent in 8 hours has to be replenished in some way. Even though the basic concept of sleep works just fine, I like to prep myself for bedtime. It’s a way for me to unwind, relax then sleep. 


My current bedtime habits allow me to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day. I also have a morning routine which has become a favorite post on my blog. 


1. Shower

I don’t even wait til bedtime before I shower. When I get home from work, it’s just my first instinct to have a shower before having my dinner. Rolling around my home in sweat and environmental pollutants from external exposure trigger my inner germaphobe.


When I step in, I want to immediately take off my work clothes and I think it’s best to shower before putting on my clean PJs or comfy clothes. Let me tell you when I shower I feel a hundred times better, my energy is back and that clean fresh feeling is just awesome! I like to use my favorite shower gels and hygiene products some of which I’ll list below. 



2. Have A Cup Of Herbal Tea

Another thing I like to do that is also beneficial for your body is having a cup of tea. It goes hand in hand with reading for me. The combination of both makes reading a better experience for me. I avoid teas that may have caffeine in them because it may keep me up for longer than my bedtime.


Teas are very soothing and have a way of keeping me relaxed. Also, herbal teas are nutritional for you with some amazing benefits. I opt for dried fruits tea or ginger or turmeric tea around my bedtime. 



3. Play Calming Music

I love jazz for this! May not be so calming for some people but I’m quite selective of the ones I chose to play. I like the sounds of trumpets and organs when the volume is very low. Piano and guitar music does it for me as well. Other times, I just opt for meditation music which is usually made with flute. 



4. Add Lavender Essential Oil To Your Diffuser 

You can burn a lavender incense before bedtime.  The scent of lavender has known sedative and calming properties. Adding a few drops to a diffuser right before you go to bed can aid in getting you to sleep faster. Lavender is also known to benefit your mood by alleviating depression and reducing anxiety.



5. Don’t Take Your Phone To Bed

One thing that has kept me up way past my bedtime is my phone and social media. It seems like you remember all the things you want to check just before you sleep. So what I do now is leave my phone at the vanity. It doesn’t come with me to bed.


That way, when I wake up in the morning, it’s not the first thing I reach out for. I actually lay there for a bit and gather my thoughts/meditate before I carry on with my day.

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  1. Love these healthy bedtime tips! I agree, I also love showering when I get home from work too. It is so nice to feel fresh for the rest of the evening. I need to learn to not take my phone to bed with me though. I’m always tempted to check it just before I go to bed then before I know it I’ve spent an hour on it. Not good. 🙂


  2. I like the idea of a shower to refresh and be clean and saves time in the morning if you’ve already done it. Good routine!

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