How To Make A Relaxing Bubble Bath With Lots Of Bubbles

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A great wellness tip of mine is making a DIY bubble bath I can enjoy right at home. With the stress of the day after work and my muscles all tensed up from sitting at the computer, what I really need is getting home and making myself a healing bubble bath with lots of bubbles.

You don’t have to go to a spa or a hotel or buy some really expensive body wash to enjoy a bubble bath, this is so simple to achieve and you can make one right at home. 

How To Make Bubble Bath More Bubbly

1. Start by setting up your water temperature to be slightly warmer than your body temperature.  A really hot bath does feel great but is apparently bad for the healthy your skin.

2. Allow your bath to be 2/3rds filled with water before adding anything. The secret to making your bath have lots of bubbles is pouring your bath wash directly under running water with high pressure.

3. The higher the water pressure the more bubbles you will have so make sure you turn your faucet all the way up for this. 

4. When your bath is ready, add oils like rose, lavender oil or coconut oil for beautiful skin. Epsom salt is great for your muscles and reducing any chances of infection.

Then jump right in.

Keep your face, out of the water to counter overheating. Soak for 15-20 minutes, breathe, relax, enjoy.

DIY Bubble Bath Essentials For Adults

If you are interested in creating one for yourself and what you can use for a homemade bubble bath, I’ve put together some products you need to make your DIY bath at home.

Not everything listed below is necessary, it all depends on the kind of experience you are trying to create for yourself. All you really need is just a body wash/ foam bath.

Lollia Wish Sugared Pastille Bubble Bath
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Imagine the scent of sugar cane, vanilla bean, and jasmine enveloping your skin and leaving it deliciously scented. 

Michel Design Works Luxury Scented Bubble Bath

The bottole of this bubble bath is so beautiful, makes a perfect gift for loved ones. Its delightful lavender rosemary fragrance is softly sweet and soothing.

SpaLife Soothing Petal-Infused Effervescent Mineral Bath Salts
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SpaLife Soothing Petal-Infused Effervescent Mineral Bath Salts

Viventive Luxury Spa Bath Pillow
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Viventive Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

This is nice to get so you can feel well-rested. It is quite uncomfortable to rest your head directly on ceramic. Cushion always means comfort.

Bath Tub Pillow & Non-Slip Spa Bathtub Mat
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Bath Tub Pillow & Non-Slip Spa Bathtub Mat

I like the idea of this so much. While it provides comfort for your head and neck, it also ensures your safety from head to toes so you don’t slip under which can hurt. Also great if you just don’t want to lay directly in the tub if other people use it too.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray
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Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray With Soap Box

Spread out all your favorite things like wine, gadgets, and your products to recreate a spa-like feel.

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Before going further, I’d like you to know some of the benefits I’ve enjoyed from taking bubble baths;

What Are The Benefits Of Bubble Baths

1. It Relieves Stress

If you will get only one thing from a bubble bath, then it definitely is that you will feel relaxed after.

Having baths forces us to take some time off our very busy schedule to spend some time alone and destress. A part of an ultimate self-care routine.

Me-time is extremely important for us women because we do so much for people and neglect our own needs in the process. 

A simple soak for as little as 15 – 20 minutes helps calm the nervous system, magically reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. 

I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to my bubble bath which helps me feel fully relaxed afterward.

When I’m feeling extra feminine, I opt for this one instead.

2. Baths Help You Sleep Better

bubble bath helps you sleep better

Whenever I have a bath in the evening, sleep follows shortly after. I never quite knew why this happens so I did a little bit of research.

Studies have shown that taking a bath is a natural way to induce sleep. Relaxing in a warm bath slowly raises your body’s temperature, which then quickly decreases once you get out of it.

This decrease in temperature notifies your body to start producing melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep.

For this, using a eucalyptus based bath wash helps me sleep better.

3. It Soothes Muscle Tension

One of the most popular benefits of a hot bath is its ability to significantly speed up muscle recovery.

Soaking in warm water works just like a heat pack. Using heat on the affected area will help relax tensed and inflamed muscles so I’d rather opt for a bath if I have the time.

Athletes have been known to add a cup or two of Epsom salts into a bath after an intense exercise for ultimate muscle relief.

4. Baths Can Relieve Cold Symptoms

Steam from a hot bath can work wonders for a congested nose and other cold symptoms. 

Make yourself a very bubbly bath with some drops of peppermint essential oil for some nasal blockage relief.

This tip comes in super handy for me especially during the winter months when I easily get congested just from being outside for a bit. 

5. Baths Just Boost Your Overall Mood

Certainly immersing yourself into warm water feels good, but that pleasure happens to have staying power.

Overall, bathing causes feelings of leisure and ease, and that kind of security enables your mind, and your body, to relax.

how to make your bubble can more bubbly

So this is my tip for ultimate wellness and self-care experience and the best part how easy it is. Let me know in the comments if you have found this post useful and let me know how your DIY bubble bath went if you try this. 

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