10 Great Tips On How To Live Your Best Life Now

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When you think about living your life to the fullest, what do you think of? Any ideas? None?


Okay, I got you! This is the season of making positive changes and I am with you all the way.


Life doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many ways to keep yourself entertained and actually make your time count for something.


No one wants to look back on how they’ve spent their lives and feel sad about it.


To avoid having such regrets, you have to find a way to live life and not have a life living you!



How To Live Your Best Life Now


1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I’m sure you have heard this saying “Life starts, where your comfort zone ends” before.  It may even sound a bit cliche but you can’t deny how true that is.


Your comfort zone has nothing new to offer you. You have seen it all over there! It’s the same old highly predictable routine. Simply put, if you want new, you have to do new. 


Kill that voice in your head that tells you to stay in your lane. Listen, the whole world is your lane and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Spread your wings and fly as high as you want.


Take that baking class, travel to Portugal (I’ve just been there… AWESOME!), go on dates, start your online shop. You have to do everything you can to accomplish things in life.


An important thing to know is accomplishments will make you feel alive.



2. Be Unapologetic About Your True Self

Do not let anyone make you feel ashamed of being your real self. You gotta embrace it and own it! Like what you like and love what you love. You are too unique to try to be someone else.


Think of all the great people out there, do you think they’ll be who they are if they tried to be someone else? I highly doubt that.


I mean what if Beyonce had tried to be someone else? She probably won’t be as great.


You could be the next big thing and the only way you’ll ever know it by embracing the totality of who you are and inspire other people to do the same.


You become a free person once you do this. Even your stride changes.


An ultimate boost in confidence!



3. Discover Your Life’s Purpose 

Are your days are just going on by with little to no fulfillment, it’s because you are doing something you have no business doing.


How are you spending your time averagely? Do you feel a sense of joy and fulfillment from it?


If you have answered “no” that means you need to find your calling in life.


Don’t put yourself under pressure now or panic because you don’t know what that is. It’s perfectly fine!


Everyone else is trying to figure out something too but I can help you. I have an amazing post if you click right here that gives you a basic explanation on how to find your true life’s purpose.


Finding your purpose and real passion will automatically add meaning to your life.


You will wake up every day eager to get out of bed because you are finally spending your time doing something that makes you genuinely happy. 



4. Fall In Love

If you want to feel literal life flowing through you then fall in love. There honestly is no greater feeling than being in love which is also why it can be hard to find sometimes.


Despite how crazy and scary relationships are these days, I’d still say go for it. Meet new people, hang out a lot more and go on dates.


You will find someone that’s just right for you.  


What’s the worst that could happen? You live and learn. The more you date the more you know what you want and what you don’t want in a partner.


It’s all an experience and isn’t that what life is about?


A tip to meet like-minded people is to go out to places that resonate with you. If you love arts, visit places that cater to your love for art.


That way, if you meet someone there you’ll at least have something in common. 



5. Learn Something New

Part of getting outside of your comfort zone is learning something new. Having something challenging to go through builds character and personality. It is also a way for you to increase your skillset. 


Do things you’ve always wanted to do. Learn to surf or learn a new language. Take advantage of today and learn something your tomorrow self will thank you for.


One other reason why I like to learn something new is that it broadens up the scope of concertation I get to have with people. You will have loads to talk about and share with others.


This is what sets people apart. You know those people other people consider interesting? It is because they know things or do things others don’t.


Make yourself a person of quality by learning new things as much as you can.


how to live a live full of passion



6. Travel The World

Traveling is the gateway to actually living a rich and full life. When I say rich I mean quality.


The experiences you gain from traveling are going to stay with you forever and are so priceless.


I went on a trip to Portugal with my friends and it was great! Touring Lisbon is an experience I will cherish for a long time.


The scenery, the people, the food.. oh! Pastel de Nata. Needless to say, I had fun.


Traveling gives you a very unique exposure in life. Learning about a new place and the people’s way of life is such a fantastic experience money can’t buy.


Plan a trip and go to a country of your choice, you will not regret it. 


Keep safety a huge priority though!



7. Live A Life With No Regrets

The only way to achieve this is to leave nothing out when it comes to dreams, goals, and ambitions.


Also, while doing that, let the mistakes you have made in life be a teacher for next time and not something to dwell on.


If you read this post about how you may sabotaging your own happiness, among other things, you will find that focussing on past mistakes is a thief of joy.


Not only that but it also makes you feel stuck.


You want to leave the past behind you and move forward. Take whatever lessons you learned and leave the rest.


Mistakes have their purpose and without them how else would we become wiser and make better choices?



8. Ignore The Things You Can’t Change

Don’t waste time on things you can’t. Focus on what you can instead and make the necessary changes.


We can’t get everything we want in life so why stop to dwell on things that are out of your control.


Count your blessings, focus on the good things you have, change whatever you can and keep the rest moving.


The more you practice this the better for your overall mental wellbeing.



9. Improve Your Social Skills

As an introvert, I hate to admit this as a point in this post but I have to keep it a buck.


Despite how much I love my space and my home so much, I have had opportunities extended towards me because I made an effort.


You will find me in my home all cozy in my PJs and chilling. That’s me! Also, I am a little shy so it doesn’t help however, I have started making a conscious effort to put myself out there and socialize. 


Socializing more makes networking a whole lot easier which you will agree is absolutely necessary for getting opportunities in careers, associations, and businesses.



10. Plan For The Future But Live In The Present Moment

Living in the moment takes all the stress of tomorrow away. Of course, you shouldn’t live your life recklessly and neglect all responsibilities but focusing on the future more than the present won’t do you good.


Plan accordingly for the future but make conscious efforts to enjoy your daily life. Worrying about what is yet to happen is a recipe for worry, anxiety and even depression. 

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