11 Fitness Motivational Quotes To Keep You Going

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Finding motivation for fitness can be hard. You want the results but it’s hard to get up and do the work. At least that’s how I have felt.


You have to find a way or a reason to get up and go. For me, I love to read up on inspirational and motivational quotes that reminds me why I should start and how to keep going.


I have selected 11 of my favorite fitness motivational quotes that I find tremendously helpful. Use these as a daily reminder for your fitness goals. 



It’s not all about losing weight. Your health matters even more. Focus on being healthy no matter what size you are rather than being skinny but unhealthy.



Fitness like every other important achievement requires a great tonne of hard work. There won’t be any result to celebrate if you do not do the work required.



It may look like you are far from your goals at the beginning, but remember that every single effort you are putting into it will lead to the result you want one day.



You will have to bear the consequences of your actions during your fitness journey. So think about your waistline before you have that loaded cheeseburger.



You gotta get up and do the work. Unfortunately, no one can get fit for you.



There will be a lot of distractions that may lead to excuses on why you are not ready to get fit, focus on your goal to overcome them.



Take your body seriously for yourself and for your loved ones too.



Get up out of your comfort zone and do the work. Day 1 or one day. It’s your choice.



Achieving your fitness goals may be slow but you get closer as each day passes on.



It’s not going to be easy, but the results are surely worth it.



Keep going no matter what because you love yourself.



Keep going no matter what. Learn to take a break but keep going. Don’t lose all your results to start right back from the beginning.




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