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Simple Self Love Tips For A Happy Life

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When we are asked, “Do you love yourself?” We are quick within microseconds to say “yes!”. The reason is how ‘crazy’ we’d look if we hesitated even for a few seconds. So we are quick to say yes, even if it’s not entirely true. Whatever you decide to tell people is really up to you as long as you are keeping it 100% with yourself deep inside.

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Chic Artificial Christmas Trees With Decorating Tips

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2018 is not the year for boring looking Christmas trees and decorations. It’s the year to create a lasting impression, one you and your guests will have a hard time forgetting. I mean old Christmas traditions are still fun and beautiful but there is no reason why you can’t switch things up this year.


Artificial Christmas trees have always been a thing but they’ve always been a replica of the green traditional real-life tree. If you are scared of bugs and spiders, you need to buy an artificial tree. Another advantage of buying one is that it’s cost-effective in the long run. You get to save so much money because all you have to do is pull it out every year and assemble and tuck away when you are ready to say bye to Christmas.


Also, buying artificial Christmas trees gives you the option of style, personality, and diversity of colors. Looking at the ones featured in this post, you’ll see how they’re unique and will surely make your home beautiful this Christmas.


artificial christmas trees

Image from Pinterest

To get this look: Flock Effect Christmas Tree (here)  // Gold ornaments (here) // Silver Ball Ornaments (here) // Flower Ornaments (here) // Statement Chair (here)



artificial christmas trees

Image from Apartment Therapy

To get this look: Christmas Tree (here) // Woven Planter (here) // White Ball Ornaments (here) // Star Ornaments (here) //         Gold Ornaments (here)



artificial christmas trees

Image from CraftBerrBush

To get this look: Christmas Tree (here) //  Rose Gold Ball Ornaments (here) // Gold Ball Ornaments (here) //  White Faux Fur Ribbon (here)



artificial christmas trees

Image from LizMarieBlog

To get this look: Christmas Tree (here) // Cream Woven Blanket (here)



artificial christmas trees

Image from Christmas365greetings

To get this look: 7 ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree (here)


artificial christmas trees

To get this look: Snowy Bedford Pine Tree with Red Berries, Cedar Leaves, Mixed Cones 700 Clear Lights (here)



artificial christmas trees

Image from The Merry Thought 

To get this look: 4-ft Christmas Tree (here) // Woven Planter (here) //White Faux Fur Blanket (here)


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