Setting Up A Home Office The Right Way

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Working from home isn’t as luxurious as a lot of people think. Yes, it’s more comfortable but it comes with its own struggle too. I find that it’s easy to lose motivation, get distracted or even lose inspiration. I am a blogger who works from home and my workstation plays a huge role in how productive I can be. There is a big need for my environment to mentally stimulate me. This is where setting up a home office comes in.

Having a home office or an office nook set up is very crucial to keep being productive and it helps in reinforcing self-discipline. This space has to be able to promote efficiency in a non-traditional work environment. For me, sometimes I lay in bed while working and I can’t even begin to count how often I get distracted; from watching random Youtube videos to snacks and lengthy phone conversations just because of how relaxed I felt.

I don’t have a home office yet, but it’s a huge priority on my goals list. The kitchen counter has been good so far but I’m in need of a change. So I went on my favorite home decor website, Amazon, which has amazingly cheaper deals than other stores selling similar.

Who Needs A Home Office

Having a home office is not limited to just corporate workers who work from home anymore. People have special requests for a dedicated office when buying homes now.

  • if you are a student (part time/full time)
  • if you are a blogger/ online content creator
  • freelance workers
  • if you bring work home
  • if you work in fields that require taking periodic professional exams

How To Build A Home Office

Make a detailed list of your home office needs 

Before you begin anything else, make a detailed list of everything you need to make your office efficient. Prioritize this list from needs to wants and work with your budget if you have any.

Choose a space for the home office 

This could be an entire room or just a corner. It is important you chose this space wisely. For example, if you intend to get things like printers/fax/home phone, you want a space/corner where you have access to power outlets to plug in these devices. Also, if you intend on receiving clients in your home office then you want to choose an empty room close to your entrance away from noise while maintaining your home privacy.

Get Creative

The best part about having a home office is that you can personalize it. It doesn’t have to look boring with basic colored furniture and pieces of equipment. Have fun with it. Make it in such a way that it inspires you and motivates you to want to sit there and get work done. Surround yourself with colors and decor that get your creative juices flowing.

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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Home Office

  • Establish office hours and lunch break. This tip is necessary to maintain the discipline that is needed to accomplish your daily tasks.
  • Separate your personal life from professional life. Keep away your personal phone while working.

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