22 Neutral Colored Decorative Table Vases

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Decorating with vases can be so much fun because you get to show your personality in a creative way. They come in different shapes and sizes and not at all boring. Decorative table vases can be quirky, uniquely shaped, made with different materials like ceramic or glass. Most of the table vases featured in this post have a neutral color; tan, cream, and beige.

Where To Place Decorative Table Vases

Table vases as the name suggest can be placed on a table top with or without flowers. We see more vases like the ones number 1, 2, and 5 below used without flowers or plants. They have so much character on their own and for this reason, don’t need so much when using it for decor purposes. Vases can be placed on a side table, console table, used as a centerpiece on a dining table, or placed on shelves like the image below.

bookshelf decor

Where To Buy Decorative Vases Online

Some of the best places to buy table vases online are:

22 Decorative Table Vases

unique decorative table vases

  1. Double Gourd Vase 
  2. Blanc de Chine Shaped Vase 
  3. Blanc De Chine Metallic Dip-dye Shaped Vase 
  4. Jemma Vase
  5. Blanc de Chine Vases, Set of Four 
  6. Nuage ceramique vase
  7. Completed works White Ekaterina Bazhenova Yamasaki Edition Banned Book No.2 Vase
  8. Blanc De Chine Metallic Dip-dye Vases, Set of Three 
  9. Song Beige Ceramic Collection – Song Beige Ceramic Fluted Vase 
  10. MARLOE MARLOE – Lucie Glazed Ceramic Vase – Neutrals

beige decorative table vases

  1. MARLOE MARLOE – Stevie Glazed Ceramic Vase – Neutrals
  2. Torre & Tagus Carved Divot Tall Vase
  3. R16 Marisol Vase
  4. Bloc Studios Pink Affinita Elettive Ottilie Vase
  5. Breast Friend ceramic vase
  6. Chamber engraved vase (22cm)
  7. Completed works Beige Ekaterina Bazhenova Yamasaki Edition Wake Vase
  8. Gila Monster vase
  9. Love Handles vase (31cm)
  10. Napa Home & Garden Lottie Vase
  11. Anissa Kermiche – Popotin Ceramic Vase – Grey
  12. Brunello Cucinelli – Textured Glazed-ceramic Vase – Beige

This concludes our list of neutral and beige decorative table vases to accessorize your home.

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