18 Statement Floor Lamps That Are Absolutely Jaw Dropping

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Floor lamps are a necessity in every home. Oftentimes, houses do not come with lights on the ceiling and for that reason, you will have to supply your own light. Now there are many options when it comes to choosing lights, you can go with table lamps or install flush mounts to light up a room.

The benefit of having a floor lamp and numerous. They serve as reading light, they create an ambiance to a room and they are an important decor piece. And for the last reason mentioned, this article is showing 18 statement floor lamps that will be a showstopper.

These lights each have a unique design, each one very different from the other yet modern. Each one of these lights has been carefully crafted by the manufacturers and you will find one that suits the decor style of your home.

An example, light numbers 1, 7 and 8, works if you have a modern home decor style and want to show off a bit of feminine touch in a subtle way. Light numbers 3 and 4 are great for homes with midcentury modern decor.

18 Statement Floor Lamps

statement floor lamps

  1. Nightbloom White Gold Floor Lamp
  2. Dickinson Floor Lamp
  3. DelightFULL Duke Arc Floor Lamp
  4. Axolight Plumage Floor Lamp
  5. Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting Floret Floor Lamp
  6. Hubbardton Forge Moreau Floor Lamp
  7. Lladro Usa Lladro Nightbloom Floor Lamp
  8. Naples 60.5″ Novelty Floor Lamp Wildwood
  9. Oluce Las LED Floor Lamp

These statement floor lamps are a great addition to a modern contemporary style home. They will brighten up your living space adequately because they are large enough to do that. Give your home the extra touch it needs with these statement pieces.

unique floor lamps

  1. Rispal The Praying Mantis Floor Lamp
  2. Moooi Dandelion Floor Lamp
  3. Antonangeli Mamamia F1 LED Floor Lamp
  4. Global Lighting  Zero Last Floor Lamp
  5. DelightFULL Botti Floor Lamp
  6. Stacked-Horn Floor Lamp
  7. Small Nightbloom Floor Lamp
  8. Quincy Floor Lamp – Ralph Lauren Home
  9. Arteriors Rylan Floor Lamp

There are many ways to use furniture and lights to create a unique and modern look for your home and that is where these statement floor lamps come. This list is meant to inspire you if you are currently looking for something different to add to your home.

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