40+ Elegant Nail Designs You Have To Try

As there are so many designs to choose from, it can be confusing to choose unique and stylish elegant nail designs.  However, if you’re looking for some ideas, this post has them. These designs are done on acrylic nails, but you can also have them done on your own real nails if you’d prefer.

Alternatively, you can do  DIY and create these designs on a plain press-on nail if you are very crafty. Nail glue will be the only thing you need to attach to them on your own nails.

Here’s a list of 30 elegant nail designs for beautiful nails that you might love.

Short Nude Nails

Pink Nails with Flower Design

Lilac with Colored Tips

Nude Nails with Peach French Tips

Almond Neutral Nails

Nude Nails with Glitter Stones and Minnie Mouse Print

Glossy Marble Nails

Glossy Nails with Silver Gems

Natural Nails with Lines

Pink Almond Nails with Flowers

Nude Marble Nails

Beige Nails

Almond Nails with French Tips

Simple Nude Nails

Glossy Neutral Nails with Silver Lines

Simple Elegant Nails

Classy Nail Design

Nude Marble Nails

Matte Nude White and Black Nails

Elegant Nails with Lines

Feminine Pink Nails with Glitters

White Nails with Gold Details

Pink Nails with Rose Flower Art

Simple Nails with Lines

Elegant Nails with Glitters

Simple Nails with Lines

Marble Almond Nails

Pink Marble Nails

Simple Nails with Glitters

Pink Nails with Glitters

Elegant Nail Designs

Nude Nails with Polka Dots and Lines

Lilac Nails with Glitters

Pink Nails with Stones

Classy Nails

Simple Nude Nails

Neutral Nails with Stones

Nude Nails with Lines

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