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Valuable Ways To Invest In Yourself

When it comes how I like to live, I only want to do things that either makes me happy, makes me a better person and increases my skills and abilities. This way, I am making myself in indisposable and therefore a productive person.


There are so many ways to invest in yourself, it’s not always about certifications and education. Even though I have a college and graduate degrees and I wouldn’t deny the fact that it has helped me greatly, there are so many things I’ve learned and experiences in life that has nothing to do with a school.


I think that we invest n ourselves when we do things or engage in activities that make our minds richer and broadens our perspectives on life and the meaning of our lives. I have been through a lot of growth in the past two years and currently still going through some changes and development.


During these stages, I picked up a few habits that have changed my life forever. Everything good you put into yourself will forever remain with you. When we invest in ourselves, it is like planting a seed and it will surely bloom and blossom into magnificence.



5 Ways To Invest In Yourself


1. Travel More

Traveling is my favorite on this list. It is the best way to get out of your comfort zone and experience the world in a different lens. I emigrated from my country a little less than a year ago and despite all the challenges I faced in settling down here in Canada, this experience has changed my life in such a way I can never be the same person again even if I tried. I’ve become a stronger person and much more resilient.


You don’t even need to uproot your whole life and move away to another country. All you have to do it take a trip, maybe once a year just to see how people live in other parts of the world. The food, the culture, and music; no one can take that experience away from you.

Truly life changing as such an experience will open your mind to all the beauty in the world. How you think will change! Travel more, hang out where the locals are and spend time in nature.


2. Read A Book

Reading as a habit for me has been on and off due to my busy schedule but whenever I do, I always learn something new. Aside from a few benefits reading offers like sharpening your grammar and vocabulary, keeping your mind sharp and being able to have intellectual conversations with other people, to me, reading creates a chance to use your imaginations to paint a story however way you like. You can make up your own interpretations and apply the knowledge to your life.


Recommended Read: Living In The Light by Shakti Gawain 


I read a lot of spiritual/self-help books lately as I am on a ‘journey of self’. Trying to find out who I really am and what I think about life and our purpose here. I found some of my answers in books and I’d recommend everyone should try reading a book or two in a year at least.


3. Explore Your Creative Side

Another great way to invest in yourself is to hone your craft. Time is very valuable and why not give it to yourself.  Spend time doing what you love to do and learn how to be better. You never know, that can easily be your path to financial freedom and finding your true life purpose.


4. Make Your Health A Priority

There are so many benefits to making your health a priority. Eat the right kinds of food to get the necessary daily nutrients and exercise as often as you can. When your health is at the best, you feel great which helps you accomplish other tasks you’ve set for yourself. Poor health will slow you down, which will affect your productivity levels and may also affect your self-esteem. Take care of yourself in and out. Follow a skincare/beauty regimen that will make you feel as fabulous as you feel on the inside.

I like to eat a lot of greens and superfoods that gives me extra energy to successfully finish my day while still feeling good. Smoothies, green juice, salad bowls, and protein-rich meals are my go to.


5. Develop A Routine

Developing a daily routine provides your life with structure. It helps to make good habits automatic and reduces your reliance on willpower. It allows you to accomplish great things with less effort. I am one of those people who dislike the idea of structure and routines but I’ve come to see and enjoy the benefits of it ever since I started my morning routine and night time routine which have both tremendously changed my life!


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