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The Incredible Benefits Of Reconnecting With Nature

Have you ever felt out of touch with your core? Like something is just missing and you don’t know what it is. This feeling is not strange at all, and it is usually a huge sign you need to reconnect with nature. 


There are so many benefits of reconnecting with nature and actively seeking it out will make you feel a lot better whenever you are misaligned to your journey, focus, or purpose. We are a part of nature. 


Spending time in the pouring rain was something I enjoyed doing so much as a kid. I don’t know what happened why I stopped doing that. Perhaps I recognized shame early on in life when I grew boobs and realized getting drenched in the rain would be too revealing.


Anyway, there are so many ways to enjoy being in nature. Taking a hike, going to the beach going on retreats, camping, and many more.  


Most of us live in a metropolitan city life which can be very stressful. Waking up early to go to work, being stuck in traffic with nothing inspiring to see but constantly bombarded with billboard ads and low-vibrational music on the radio.


An average day living in the city is a lot to take in. Now think over time. Everyone needs to take a step back in life some times and reconnecting with nature is what to do whenever your brain feels full. 



The True Benefits Of Reconnecting With Nature


1. Spending Time In Nature Can Reduce Stress

Yeah, it can! Take a few seconds and close your eyes. Imagine being on the beach or cycling through the woods breathing in all that fresh air. Just picture that. Then imagine actually seeking that out. Nature is an instant stress reliever.  


Being in nature and all of its simplicity forces us to dump whatever baggage we are carrying. Nothing else matters when you are in nature. You just don’t care. To me, this is one of the major benefits of reconnecting with nature.


If you actually can’t get to nature as often as you’d like to, you can replicate nature in your home with indoor plants and tabletop fountains. Even looking through a window view at your home or office can help reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. When you feel stress coming on, try to find a few minutes to deep breaths in a natural setting, and focus on leaving stress behind.

table top water fountain

This indoor tabletop fountain replicates the sound of a waterfall and flowing spring. 



2. Being In Nature Can Spark Creativity

Do you know what comes next after you let go of the mental baggage you’re carrying around? Creativity and inspiration start flowing like a stream of water. You’re going to need a pen and paper to actually jot things down before you forget.


I am a blogger and content creator which means I often need to be creative and it’s not every time you can get those creative juices flowing. I immediately soak myself in nature whenever I need ideas. 


Nature is so freeing that it influences your thoughts to be positive. I can’t ever remember a time I went into only to go back home angry. Rather, people like to spend time in nature to do the opposite. It’s a place you go to if you need unclouded discernments, to make an important decision, or find inspiration. 



3. Nature Has Healing Benefits

Ever wondered why hospitals spend a lot of resources tending their gardens and it almost always can be found right in the center. Or why people spend money traveling to retreats in the middle of nowhere?


Because of how calming nature is, studies have shown that nature helps reduce cortisol levels in the bloodstreams. This is particularly good for people who suffer from anxiety, hypertension, and high blood pressures. Taking a step further to meditate or practice yoga in nature can be very good to find your connection to nature once again. We are a part of nature after all. 


There are lots of plants in nature with healing powers that you can benefit from. Indoor plants like Pothos are very popular for their air-purifying properties. Mud is also part of nature’s component it contains a lot of skincare benefits.  That is why a lot of spas offer mud baths.



4. It Can Help You Increase Your Spirituality

Another benefit of reconnecting with nature is nature’s ability to spark spirituality. There’s just something so profound about the vastness of nature and how it instantly makes you yearn for a connection to something greater. 


Nature makes you wonder. Seeing plants grow and flowers bloom can be very exciting. You start to appreciate the little things in life and how all living things are connected with a unique but collective purpose.


This is why monks spend long periods of time in the mountains or some people pray on mountain tops. It seems the higher up you go, the closer you feel connected to your source. 



5. It Makes You Appreciate Life And The Living

The life we live today is way too fast with a lot going on. It feels like you can miss a whole decade just by taking a nap. Living this way with school, work and everything else in between can make you wonder what your life is really about. Certainly not to live like a machine till you die.


Some people lose motivation along the way and start feeling purposeless. Feeling like you don’t have a propose makes you lose your appreciation for life and not care too much how you live it.


Seeking out nature and watching animals care for their young, or watching a fly stuck in a spider’s web fight it’s way out to its last breath can have positive effects on you appreciating your own life and motivate you to find meaning for it




When everything becomes too much for you that you are about to break, remember these benefits of reconnecting with nature. Pack your bags, take a short trip, go hiking, or visit a botanical garden. Wellness should always be your priority. 


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1 Comment
  • Zayn
    May 20, 2020

    I loved reading every bit of this post, it brought a smile to my face because I am a nature lover. Indeed, nature has a lot of healing benefits which most people tend to forget. I make it a habit to spend time in nature from time to time and it’s really helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.