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How To Spend Quality Time With Yourself

This is one of my favorite things to do. Also, if you are naturally an introvert, you may find that spending lots of time mingling and socializing to be draining. Spending quality time alone has profound benefits and everyone should do this once in a while!


Spending time with myself has honestly been the major facilitator or my spiritual growth and general development. The opportunity I’ve had to learn myself wouldn’t have come if I constantly hung out or have been around. Of course, there’s still a need for human interactions every now and then but I still make sure to set out time just to recharge and get in tune with myself. I hurry home in the excitement of just spending some quiet time and it’s oh so blissful.


I personally know people who can bear the thought of spending a moment just by themselves. They have a constant need to always be around others. I get it! It’s not going to be easy for everyone as most find being their own company to be boring or they just haven’t explored that yet. If you fall into this category, then this post is for you. Here, you will learn 5 ways to spend time with yourself and the benefits to it.


**That is where the difference between being lonely, being alone and spending quality time with yourself comes in but first, I’ll share some of the benefits of spending time alone I have experienced.


Benefits Of Spending Time Alone


Discover Yourself By spending some time alone, you get to connect on a deeper level with yourself away from noise and judgment. This is a point where you can be real with yourself and make decisions on who you want to be in life and how you want to live your life. I’ve made most of my life choices in solitude because this is when I am the truest to myself.


Stress Reliever This is a big one for me. I find that after a stressful and chaotic day, coming home to some silence and helps a great deal. This is a chance to clear your mind from all worries and anxiety that may have built up from the day’s activities. There is no way to clear your mind when you are constantly surrounded by people.


It Can Boost Your Self Esteem When you start to spend time with yourself, you learn to enjoy your own company and from that, it may boost your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, all very important for a happy life. From this practice, I learned so much about myself and I still learn more every day and honestly, it has made me appreciate who I am even more and it’s given me such a boost to my self-esteem. I feel good and enough for myself.



Enjoyable Things To Do By Yourself


Read a book– I talk about this in almost all of my post because of how much I enjoy it. Reading is for everyone, you just have to find what you love to read. This book is my current favorite. I think its a must read. Bring your favorite book to a local cafe.

Pack a picnic– Going out to enjoy nature and the park is really fun to do even by yourself. Pack up a mini picnic basket your favorite things, your laptop a book and enjoy a day out.

Book a spa day– Pampering yourself every now and them should be on top of your list. It’s a prerequisite for self-love. I enjoy spa days so much I’d recommend to anyone.

Solo trip– This has been forever and a day more on my bucket list. I haven’t had the chance to accomplish this yet but I’m getting closer and closer. Anyone who has done this will advice you to do it too.

Take a class or try out a new hobby– if there’s something you’ve always wanted to try I think now is the time. Why wait for a friend to be interested before you can do something you want? Pottery, yoga, Zumba, equestrian lessons etc whatever floats your boat! (I listed things I want to try in the coming months lol).

Have a lunch or brunch date by yourself– I love this so much. First of all, I am a foodie so that makes me naturally interested in such activities. I strongly recommend going out for a meal every now and then. Grab a magazine or journal if you feel slightly awkward but it’s fine, trust me no one is looking at you.

Go to the movies– I started going to the movies by myself about 4 years ago. What can I say? I enjoyed the experience!


As much as I love to spend some time alone, I still love hanging out with my friends and socializing here and there. It’s just a matter of finding a balance.




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