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3 Common Obstacles Stopping Your Positive Life Changes

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Could you be sabotaging yourself? These barriers to personal growth that have the greatest effect on your ability to change your life for the better.


Have you ever found yourself going back and forth when it comes to making decisions that will benefit your life? Do you wake up every morning telling yourself ‘today is the day I make some changes’ but shortly after spiral back into your old routines?  If you answered yes then this post is for you! And know that you are not alone.


Self-improvement like many other transformations doesn’t happen overnight. It takes days even months or years. You have to be patient with yourself for however long it may take you to get there. My previous post on self-love will give you a better understanding of how to handle yourself when it comes to things like this.


Constant self-improvement is very important, our ability to grow doesn’t stop till we leave this earth so why not use every day to strive for a better you? Making changes in ourselves should be second nature.


Even if you have achieved what you want, try to be even better than that the next day. There is nothing wrong with being content with how you are but keep in mind that when you get too comfortable at one spot in life, you just might get knocked off!


There are loads of people that come in and out of our lives and will directly or indirectly aim to shift your energy. The only way to combat this is by constantly working yourself. This way, you will be strong in making these growth changes you crave.

how to overcome personal barriers




Main Barriers To Personal Growth


1. You Haven’t Let Go Of The Past

Sometimes when we are trying to make great changes, our past resurfaces. We start to question why we need these changes. You see, the past has only come back to the surface of your mind to keep you the same.


It tells you that this is who you are and you cannot change because people don’t change. Now I’ll tell you that is a big lie!


Everyone has the capability of making changes but not everyone is willing to make the changes either for a fear of the unknown or they just can’t bear the sacrifices needed to get to make the changes.


The past is comfortable because we’ve been there, so we find it easier to accept whatever is there since we’ve once dealt with it and survived.


On the contrary, the future is uncertain, might make you nervous so making life changes is harder for most people. To free yourself from the past, you have to learn how to heal and forgive yourself. Tell yourself you deserve the changes that you crave.



2. Peoples’ Opinion And Wrong Circle Of Friends

Change is uncomfortable and the people around you will also be influenced by the changes you are trying to make. Most of them won’t like it and a few won’t mind.


This is one of the many reasons why the company we keep matters a lot. They have a lot of influence on who you are and who you can become.


When people get so used to you, and build a connection with you, they most likely will not embrace your changes. Not all the reasons are of malicious intent sometimes they just don’t understand, or are afraid of losing the connection they have with you or simply because they are not ready to change themselves too.


You can try your best to explain to them why you need to make these positive changes, they will accept you if they truly love and care for you but if they don’t, you need to change your circle to either support yourself and find a new support system.

supportive friends


3. Low Self-Worth And Missing Self-Love

Another thing that could be holding you back from self-growth is a lack of or not enough worth to understand you deserve the chance to be a better person and improve your life.


If you don’t see yourself as worthy of being an awesome person then that will never happen. For any transformation to be successful, it starts with an understanding in your mind before you even begin to make physical efforts to implement these changes.


Changing your mindset and overall perspective about life is a way to tackle this. Though its, not a one size fits all solution, my thoughts on self-love and how to build a healthy positive mindset is a place to get started.


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  • Jessica
    December 7, 2018

    This is such a great read dear. Self-worth and self-love is everything. It’s such an empowering mindset.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com