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20 Unique and Stylish Gift Ideas For Men

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Picking out gifts for men around the holidays can be hard sometimes and that’s mostly because it’s not that easy to figure out what men want. My tip is to keep it unique and fun!


When picking gifts for anyone, price, value, and quality play a great role in picking out the best gifts. In this list are 18 items men will love to have. Perfect for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and some of them for Father’s Day too! Sticking to unique and fun gifts with lots of character is my way to go when picking out gifts for men because men seem to like gifts that they can use on their normal day to day activities like sports, drinking or just something to show off when they meet with their friends.


Enjoy this list… and all of its quirks!



Click links to each item.


  1. Gin Rocket Decanter
  2. Brass Talon Bowl
  3. Animalia Salt & Pepper Set
  4. Viagra Brass Pill Box
  5. Futura Circles Vase
  6. Barbell Ice Bucket
  7. Bourbon Pop Candle  
  8. Whiskey Rocket Decanter
  9. Nixon Bottle Stopper
  10. Barbell Bottle Stopper
  11. Nixon Wine Bottle Chiller
  12. Vice Weed Canister
  13. Barbell Corkscrew
  14. Xanax Brass Pill Box
  15. Vodka Rocket Decanter
  16. Quaalude Brass Pill Box
  17. Barbell Barware Set
  18. Joe Cariati Small Flask Decanter
  19. Apollo Salt & Pepper Set


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