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17 Minimalist Kitchen Essentials For First Apartment

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My biggest goal for the moment is moving into a new apartment because space is very vital to me. I may be guilty of putting the cart before the horse but this is just how a dreamer lives and I am proudly one.

I have a very strong vision of how my kitchen in my first solo apartment will look. Very minimal, open and clean because I love cooking and entertaining in the kitchen.

Like most people looking forward to a new project, I have been looking around the internet for cooking utensils and kitchen essentials for a first apartment especially. I do want nice quality things but not to make a dent in my pocket. 

So I went and made a wishlist in the most convenient online shopping destination, Amazon. When the time comes, all I’ll need to do is move them to my cart and click shop. 

But for now, I will be sharing the kitchen essentials I am lusting after and believe you may find interesting as well.

I get grossed out easily especially when it comes to food handling that is why I dream of a white kitchen. I want dirt to have no place to hide and see my utensils as clear as possible not having food stains covered my colorful pattern and such.

Yeah, I am a bit OCD, but for the right reasons and my guests appreciate this knowing they’ll be having clean food from clean cookware.


Kitchen Essentials For First Apartment

Kitchen Essentials For First Apartment


  1. Spice Container with Lids
  2. Step Trash Can with Liner Pocket
  3. Dishcloth
  4. Coffee Mugs Set
  5. Vintage Canisters With Lids
  6. Flatware Cutlery Set
  7. Bread Box
  8. Cordless Electric Kettle
  9. Airtight Food Containers
  10. Robot Vacum Cleaner
  11. Glass Food Storage Containers
  12. Cuisinart Stainless 11-piece Cookware Set
  13. Silicone Utensil Cooking Set
  14. 18-Piece Kitchen Dinnerware Set
  15. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
  16. Marble Coasters with Bamboo Holder
  17. Cuisinart 4-slice Toaster



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