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Self Care Tips To Make Your Home Cozy And Relaxing

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Creating a relaxing environment for yourself at home is an integral part of self-care a lot of people forget about. Just as much as we want our mental health to be at its best and our body functioning well, the home is just as relevant because that is where you spend the bulk of your time.


The interior design of a home can easily impact your mood when you take that first step in. Whether you have a busy 9 t0 5 or not, everyone wants to come to a peaceful home.


There lots of ways to make your home more serene and you don’t have to spend a tonne to achieve this.


Making Your Home Your Sanctuary


Tip #1: Clean Your Home

When you walk into your home and the first thing you see doesn’t delight you, then it needs to go! Clutter causes stress on the mind and easily builds up one day at a time. The laundry room, under the bed, kitchen & toilet cabinets and your closet too… these places tend to get the most clutter in your home.


Because clutter builds up over time, I do not buy into those “declutter your home in 1 day” stuff. The point is relaxation not to build more pressure within. Yes, it can be done. I’ve done it before but realistically, it will take longer to get rid of clutter if you are a person with a busy schedule depending on how much clutter you have.


So.. one day at a time or one room at a time.


how to sort out clutter



How To Declutter Your Home

Don’t get overwhelmed by the task ahead of you. This is a task you will eventually face and the earlier you start the better. If you put it off for another day, you will have gathered more clutter in the meantime.


My tip is to categorize your items into 3 lists; one to throw away, one to give away and one to keep. That’s the simplest part I admit.


Next, you want to get supplies like storage boxes and bin bags (I will link the best ones below for your easy reference).  Mark these boxes as “keep” and “give away” then use the bin bags for throw away. Mind you, you also have to categorize your throw away according to the disposal laws of your city. Don’t mix them all together.


List Of Large Moving Boxes For Giving Away here on Amazon

Set Of 6 Storage Boxes For Keep Items here on Amazon


Take 2 boxes and 1 bin bag per day and fill each one up with your items from the three main list of categories. Do this every day. If you have a family, it could easily be fun task kids will enjoy too.


At the end of every week, take what you have for giving away to charity shops or to whomever you wish to gift these items and then take the throw away bags and dispose of your items accordingly.


The reason, why you want to do this every weekend is so you can really get, rid of your clutter before you create a new pile of clutter with the filled boxes and bin bags in your home.


*To keep your home decluttered, you need designated days to sort things accordingly.


*Another great tip is to try your very best to return things back to where they belong after use.


For extra reference: I love this article from Becoming Minimalist about creative ways to get rid of clutter.



Tip #2: Indoor Plants

Plants are not just for beautifying your home exterior. Plants are great ideas for indoor decor too and believe me, so easy to incorporate. A major concern for most people is that they will forget to water them but the good news is there a different type of indoor plants and some can go even days without being watered.


You can still take that weekend trip and your plant will be alright. There really is no need for artificial plants that provide nothing else and no character.


Indoor plants help reduce carbon dioxide, keep temperatures down, promote oxygen levels in your home and just provide an overall fresh look. A real mood booster. Just the act of nurturing your plants and watching them grow can be very calming and therapeutic.


Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air That Are Easy To Grow

It’s a bit sad that people don’t go out for fresh air like they used to. For the simple fact that we spend most time indoors, these plants will help in purifying indoor air.  All linked directly to Amazon.


Indoor Plants For Clean Air

Collection Of 4: peace lily, snake plant, pothos & areca palm


Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Grow

Areca Butterfly Dwarf Palm Tree


low maintenance indoor plant




Low Maintenance Indoor Plants That Are Really Hard To Kill


Dwarf Jade Plant

Unique Succulents (Collection of 20) with 2,300+ reviews

Snake Plant (Mother In Law’s Tongue)



Tip #3: Choice Of Wall Paint Colors

Your choice of paint colors can easily determine how tranquil a home may seem to you. Choosing colors that resonate with you is a great thing to do however, there are specific colors that are known to create a zen home for their psychological elements.


Colors have great influence on our psychology some that may not be as obvious. Colors have been used in so many ways to create a specific mood or invoke certain emotions. We see this every day in ads and the media.


Usually in a home, we find more bold colors in the living room and other rooms in the house but the bedroom benefits greatly from zen colors. Base your color choices not just on trends but what they represent to you. A major way to shift and balance the energy of your home.


So, creating a relaxing room in a home is much more than comfy furnishing. Paint colors is that element that ties everything together.


Use Calming Paint Colors


Tips To Make Your Home Tranquil

Shop Montage Eco-Friendly Almost Dusk Paint here


2019 Trendy But Calming Paint Colors 

trendy wall paint colors

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 /

(Click number links to shop)


There are other ways to incorporate your favorite colors in your home simply by repainting a piece of old furniture. You can also inject your choice of color into your living area or bedroom with an accent wall.


Or Apply Removable Peel & Stick Wallpapers


If you are renting a property or for those who do not like change that seem more permanent, applying wallpaper is a quick way to change the mood of your home. It is more versatile and you can easily swipe them as the season changes.


modern wallpapers


10 Grey Removable Peel and Stick Wallpapers on Amazon here

18 Floral Removable Wallpapers on Amazon here

15 Vintage Peel and Stick Wallpapers on Amazon here

Amazon’s Best Reviewed Black Wallpapers here



Tip #4: Use Scents To Create A Mood

Ever wondered why spas are one of the most peaceful and calming places ever? When I step into a spa, the first things I notice is scent and music. Scents are known to have the ability to relax you that is why it made this list.


I use scents for different things around my home and it is so easy to incorporate.


How To Make Your Home Smell Good

I know you guessed candles. True it’s one of the ways and it easy and cheap. but keeping your home smelling fresh is a lot more than candles though. Your home has to be really clean and candles just add to that not necessarily to mask a smell.


Another reason why I love to incorporate scents in my home is that certain smells either reminds me of a person, a place or a time. So it’s a great way to create a tranquil environment for at home.


There are so many other ways to keep your home smelling great. From my experience, the number one culprit of a stinky home is mostly the kitchen area.


Your fridge should be regularly cleaned just as we talked about decluttering your home above.  Clean your refrigerator often, food spills sometimes and needs to be wiped, old food needs to be thrown out, empty cans and expired condiments. Throw out old meat, fish and vegetables.


Take out your kitchen trash (and bathroom trash) too. When this act is delayed, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and germs to spread around the house. Decomposing waste shouldn’t be in your home and could potentially be harmful.


When you do the needful to keep your home nice and fresh, then you can apply things like candles, potpourri and diffusers just to keep things fresh.


aromatherapy for home


*If you’re looking for a reed diffuser that smells amazing and is alcohol-free, then get this NEST Moroccan Amber Scented Reed Diffuser. Highly popular amongst our readers and well rated.

How To Make Your Home Smell GoodShop here


** To see the entire collection of NEST’s reed diffuser, click here

** Click here to see the collection of NEST’s candles on Amazon


They are simply a favorite of mine for their subtle but lasting scents and how elegant the bottles are to tie in perfectly with whatever decor you have.



Tip #5: Pay Attention To Who You Invite Into Your Home

Have you ever noticed how the mood of a room change depending on who walks in? Energy is real and it lingers. My space is very important to me and  I don’t invite just anybody in.


This is not some supernatural kind of thing. Not really talking about ghosts or referencing movies like Conjuring or The Nun.


Some people are just so toxic to be around that if you can’t feel relaxed in your home then where can you? There are a few things I do to balance the mood and energy at home.


How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Your House

Remove items that remind you of traumatic times in your life. There is no need to have souvenirs of bad times laying around your home.


Play calming meditative music. As I mentioned earlier about what you notice in spas, music has a way of calming down your nerves. Play natural sounds too if you are into that. I find the sound of rain falling very calming.


Crystals are another popular item our readers love. It is believed they have the power of balancing energy. They are also applied in feng shui decor principles. There are loads to pick from each type with unique properties.


Crystals For Negative Energy Removal 

The Aura Quartz crystals also are known as rainbow quartz, is said to be great to help center and calm erratic emotions, and to access positive emotions more easily. how to use crystals to clear negative energy

Shop Aura Quartz Candle Holder here


Amethysts are used for protection against negative and psychic attacks, good for meditation and balancing rage and anger.

amethyst candle holder

Shop Natural Amethyst Crystal Candleholder here


Citrines are known for their vibrant yellowish-orange color. They are said to boost optimism and positive energy while promoting great communication. It is used to ease anger and brings happiness, success and wealth.

gemstone decor for negative energy removal 

Shop Natural Free Form Citrine Candleholder here


There are so many ways to make your home more calming and peaceful but these methods are the best ones I find to be easily applicable and depending on your style and taste, it can be very cheap to implement or you can invest more into these tips based on your preference.


A zen home is very essential for a peaceful state of mind. Very essential to self-care and self-love. If you have enjoyed this post so far and would like to read similar topics, please check out:


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    Indoor plants can really add life to any space, especially for living rooms. And yes, paint color can be everything. Thanks for sharing your tips dear!

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