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How To Protect Yourself From Negativity Energy

Protecting yourself from negative energy has become a hard days job. It seems the more you are trying to be a good positive person the more life throws curveballs your way and people will test you but they key is trying your best not to let them bring out the worst in you.


Negative energy attracts negative energy. So whatever you put out there comes back around; good or bad. That is the law of karma.


It takes some observation to recognize people and situations that are only there to steal your joy and rob you of your peace of mind.


Remember, misery loves company but we must resist the temptation to act negatively towards such people. Also, it may not even be about someone else bringing negativity to you but all by yourself.


These are the 5 ways I protect my energy at all times.

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1. Stay Away From Gossip

I try my best to avoid gossip. What gossip does is paint an impression about someone else which then leads to judging people.


When you start to judge people before getting to know their truth, it reflects poorly on you. If you feel strongly about a situation caused by another person, reach out to them and iron your issues out.


When you harbor negative feelings about someone in your mind, it either causes you to be passive-aggressive towards them or may lead to resentment and both these things breed negative energy.



2. Don’t Go Where You Don’t Feel Welcome

Even when no one has outrightly told you not to be somewhere with them, trust your instincts and feelings. Energy in a room can easily be felt, if it feels cold then do yourself a favor and leave.


There is no use forcing yourself to be social with people who don’t really care if you are there or not. There are other people who value your presence in their lives and those are the kind of people you need to focus on.



3. Avoid Lashing Out Too Quickly

Some people only want to bring out the worst in you or cause you to publicly ridicule yourself. It can be hard because we can be very impulsive when it comes to defending ourselves.


Thinking about what you want to say before you say it may not work at this time. Take a breather, realize the motive and then respond accordingly.


You have the right to defend yourself but resist the temptation of saying things that hit below the belt in an attempt to hurt the other person. This way, you don’t speak negative things.

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4. Meditate To Release Some Pressure

I meditate very often to get rid of stress, worry, and anxiety all of which are negative emotions. I’m one of those people that emotional stress translates to physical discomfort for me. Headaches and the likes.


Meditation has become my go-to remedy for protecting my energy because it’s a chance to release all of that unwanted energy.



5. Avoid Comparing Yourself To Others

When you compare yourself to other people, all it does is highlight the things you are lacking instead of focussing on the things that are going right for you.


No one has it all. Spend your time celebrating your self and all achievement no matter how small or big they are. There is someone out there wishing for what you have going on.


Learn to appreciate and enjoy everything you have and work on the things you want. Don’t take the things you have for granted.


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