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13 Mind-Blowing Ways To Cheer Someone Up

Have you ever been around someone sad and upset and don’t know how to cheer them up?


You want to show them and let them know you are there for them but don’t know how?


Listen, girlfriend, I have been there on both ends. Being the one needing to be cheered up and being the one doing the cheering. 


Life is hard and complicated and everyone goes through things. You may not have the answers to help solve their problems but you can definitely show them support through the process.


I will be sharing 13 easy ways you can lighten someone’s mood even when they don’t want to talk about what’s wrong. 



1. Listen Without Judgement

Listening is an important part of maintaining any kind of relationship.


All I want to do when I’m sad is to talk to someone who can actually listen to me without passing judgment or making unnecessary comments.


I want to feel supported which I bet you anyone in a difficult situation wants as well.


Ask your friend what’s wrong and don’t rush them into speaking if they are not ready to yet.


If they talk, listen carefully and only make positive inputs that can make them feel better or say nothing at all.


Also, there are so many other things you can do to express your concern and care for them if they are not ready yet. 



2. A Simple Hug Goes A Long Way

It’s scientifically proven that a simple hug can reduce negative emotions a great deal.


A hug is easy and free yet so powerful.


Even when there are no words, a hug tells you exactly how the next person feels and they’ll know you are there for them if you are sincere.



3. Make Them A Nice Meal

I don’t know about you but I love food like seriously. Free food at that.


What makes me the happiest after a long day is coming home a nice freshly cooked meal my sister made for me.


Food is an instant mood booster I tell ya. So, if you want to do something nice for someone that will definitely make them smile, cook for them.



4. Send Flowers

Good thing that flowers will never go out of style for as long as they keep blooming.


Even though it may be of a cliche, flowers still make a girl smile. 


And it’s not all about the actual flower, its actually because it’s such a thoughtful gesture bound to make a person feel better, supported and loved.


Send a bouquet of fresh roses to show you love them or blue orchids which apparently in China symbolizes good luck and prosperity. 



5. Give Them A Calming Scent 

Scents are definitely the real girls’ best friend, not diamonds. Well, I’ll take that too! But seriously what person doesn’t like scents?


It’s just a matter of notes but everyone loves scents.


And some scents are known to be calming and soothing. As a matter of fact, certain essentials oils are believed to help boost your mood.


I’ve tried to test that theory out and found chamomile actually helps me sleep better when I’ve had a really long day. 



6. Plan A Spa Day

To help your friend relax, schedule a spa day together. Have a girls day out, talk about all your worries and decompress.


I’ve never seen a person walk into a spa and come out with a frown.


An alternative to that is drawing your friend a nice healing bubble bath right at home.


Much relaxing being at the comfort of your own home and certainly cheaper.



7. Have A Girls Night Out (Or In)

Like Beyonce said, “put your freakum dress on”. Get your friends together and go out.


A night out with food and/or drinks works like a charm. You get to talk, swap stories and share some laughs.


Realistically, it’s much easier to stay in a get all cozy in your PJs, watch some comedies on Netflix, talk about men, order pizza and get some ice cream.


Who says you’re too old for a sleepover? 



8. Take Them Out For A Morning Jug

Fresh air is great for everyone so as moving your muscles. 


Before starting the day, take your friend out for a morning jug. We’ve all heard that exercise releases those feel-good endorphins known as dopamine, which can, in turn, fight depression.


So sign you and your friend up for a fitness class like yoga or pilates. 



9. Get Them A Hot Cup Of Tea Or Coffee

Let me just tell you, I’m a tea girl! If someone makes me tea, I will love them.


A hot cup of tea just tastes so good and makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. 


It’s a little gesture but goes a long way. Anyone would appreciate it.



10. Go See A Movie

Take your friend out to see a movie. You know what the best thing about movies is, for me, I get to let off my reality and let my imaginations wander.


You are not thinking of anything else for the couple of hours you are watching a moving.


If it’s a case where your friend doesn’t want to go out at all, you can get to watch movies indoors with Amazon Prime as well.



11. Go To A Sip and Paint 

What’s more therapeutic than sipping wine with your girlfriends while painting?


The marriage of these two activities is ideal for comforting anyone.


This is known as art therapy which involves expressing yourself creatively. The keyword here is ‘expression’ which means release.


Why not have champaign while doing that?



12. Send A Handwritten Note

The charm of sending a sweet old handwritten note may be lost in our generation which is exactly why your friend may appreciate it much more.


Technology makes messages sound impersonal and cold.


Writing an apology letter by hand is just much more personal and shows you have taken serious time to get a notecard and write something heartfelt.



13. Tag Them In A Funny Meme 

Social media is swimming with memes and there’s something for everyone.


Tag your friend in memes they might find funny just to make them laugh a little.


Totally unprofessional, but I love it when my friend tags me while I am at work. Sometimes it gets me through the day.



These are some ways you can cheer someone up. Let me know in the comments if you have more ideas or if you have tried some of these.


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