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Grow Your Pinterest Views To Over A Million In 1 Month

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I never thought I’d be one of those bloggers to blog about blogging but I just can’t keep my Pinterest strategy to myself. I struggled with getting Pinterest traffic so hard in the beginning and I plan on sharing all that I have learned.


Before I get into this, let me assure you that as at the point I am writing this post, I have never purchased any blogging or Pinterest e-course before. I don’t have anything against them. I just couldn’t afford to buy them as a beginner blogger.


My thought was, if a group of people can figure this out then so can I. So with tonnes of google research, reading blogs and being a member of really helpful Facebook groups, I was able to learn and figure some things out too and so far I am happy though there is room for more growth.


I have just created a second blog and with that, I had to set up a new Pinterest account for it. Safe to say this site has been my guinea pig for the second blog. I have made lots of mistake on it and learnt so much. I hope you find this post meaningful too.


Before I get into how I was able to build my Pinterest account to over a million page views in a course of 2 months, let me show you a proof of that first;


pinterest strategy that works

As you can see, I started pinning on June 15  and just take a look at that upward shoot from July 28.


WOW right?!


I know.



How To Set Up Your Pinterest Account For Blog Traffic



Create A Business Account

This is very essential to keep up with your Pinterest analytics, monitor trends with your accounts and see to see what your audience responds best to. 


Start by creating a business account or convert your personal account.



Go Hard On Pinterest SEO

It’s 2019, there are millions of other bloggers in your niche using Pinterest as well to market their blog posts. So you have to ask yourself; “How do I stand out too?


You can’t afford to sleep on Pinterest SEO. You have to let the gods of algorithm know what your account is about. To do this, have well-written and niche-specific keywords everywhere. Literally everywhere. 


Your Profile Name

pinterest strategy


You want to put a vertical line or a straight slash after your name and include keywords relating to your niche after your name so Pinterest knows what you are about. Use this space wisely as there is little room so make sure to only write the most important keywords in your niche. 


You can find where to edit this by clicking the three dots on the top right corner, click edit settings then edit your profile name accordingly.


Pinterest Profile Description

Still on that page just after display name, you will find the slot titled ‘about your profile’.  Fill it up with a short description using Pinterest relevant keywords in your niche. 


The two steps mentioned above are extremely important. Make sure you don’t skip them. 



Create Keyworded Pinterest Boards

The next step is to do a Pinterest research to find the keywords relevant in your niche and then create boards using those keywords as your board titles. 



For example, I typed in Self Care into the Pinterest search bar and Pinterest gave me suggestions of the most searched terms in that topic. 


To create more boards for my niche, I can make boards about self-care quotes, self-care ideas, self-care products and self-care tips. You follow? Okay.




Update Your Board Category and Board Description

Once you create your board, go to edit settings and pick the category that best suits your niche. After that, update your board descriptions also using keywords just like so.




Fill Up Your Pinterest Boards With Relevant Pins

After creating my boards, I like to fill them up with relevant, matching pins so Pinterest will be sure what that board is about. 


I typically fill them up to 50 – 100 of pins that have been keyworded properly by their makers and pins that have been saved a lot.


There’s no magic number of what to save just as much as you like.



Schedule Your Personal Keyworded Pins to These Boards

Personally, I have found that what kicks off my boards is when I post well-keyworded personal pins into them.


Make sure your pins are titled properly and include well-written descriptions and hashtags.


So I schedule them into my Tailwind account on a timely basis making sure not to pin the same post twice in a day into the same board.


I like to wait 24 hours interval before posting the same pin into any board. 


If you don’t have Tailwind account, you can do manual pinning which I have tried and both gave me similar results. 


The difference is, I work full time and don’t have time to manual pin. Also, I’m too busy to remember what I pinned to where so I’d rather have this done for my by Tailwind. Get $15 off to get you started on that. 



Pin Regularly – Consistency Is Key

As a beginner on Pinterest, you have to pin consistently to see the growth you want. 


There is no magic number as different pin counts work differently for everyone but if you are wondering, I pin +/-30 pins per day. 


I don’t schedule other people’s pins on my Tailwind but whenever I am on my Pinterest home feed, I manually pin a few of other peoples pins relating to my niche to the relevant boards. 


My strategy is really simple, no bs, no hocus pocus. That’s just all I ready do. I’ll be updating this post once anything changes. So whenever you are reading this, this is what my Pinterest strategy looks like.

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