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9 Habits That Sabotage Your Happiness

Are you constantly trying to reach your happiness point but with very little progress you make, you manage to find yourself right back where you began?


For me, what I’ve come to understand is that happiness is a daily choice. You have to make a conscious decision about it every day when you wake up.


Contrary to popular opinion, true happiness doesn’t spring out of anywhere, and when it does, it’s usually short-lived because whatever was responsible for that could easily be gone and where does that leave you?


True happiness starts within you and the projected outwards not the other way around.


Happiness starts and ends with you. This leads to the long-lasting type of happiness that everyone should be seeking and actively building.


I have a post that shows you How To Fall In Love With Your Life which basically talks about some improvements you can make in certain areas of your life to boost your overall mental well-being and happiness.


In this post, I am sharing 10 things that are the common factors of unhappiness in our regular lives.




For me, I have tried my best to live a life with very few regrets. I don’t have regrets about past mistakes that may be seen as a character flaw but rather on opportunities I never took.


Sometimes I get caught up in thoughts of what if’s, and I’m going, to be honest, when that happens, I feel a little sad for the moment.


So the best I can do and will recommend for anyone is to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves in life.


An overwhelmingly high number of people regret not what they did but what they didn’t do.




Another thief of joy is comparing yourself to another person. This habit is not only unhealthy but also very detrimental to maintaining a healthy mindset about yourself.


No two people are the same, depends on your outlook on life, one person will always be better at something that you and you will be better at something than another.


Avoid the trap of comparison by highlighting your strengths and working on what you consider your weaknesses.


Another person’s progress or success in life is not a yardstick for yours.



Unhealthy Relationships

I’m going say that I haven’t had the best luck with friends all my life, not until the past couple of years when I started to meet genuine people with whom we share mutual love and respect for one another.


My past friendship and relationships were so draining and some were just toxic but I’m glad I went through all that because now I easily recognize the red flags of an unhealthy relationship and friendship and carry on with my life.



Lack Of Support System

Despite the fact that I enjoy being by myself sometimes, I still have a need for being around people every now and then.


Read this post for more on that), I still need to have people I can have a real conversation with and encourage me through my life journey.


A support system is very important. It doesn’t have to be a group of people, just one person is all you really need.



Inability To Deal With Change

I never really liked sudden changed myself and realized whenever something changes abruptly, I would complain and talk on and on about it even though there was nothing I could really do about it.


Now I’ve learned that changes are a necessary part of life and I just get int the flow as I’ve realized you can’t control everything in life and that’s absolutely fine!


Find a way to let go and let life just work itself out. When you do, you’ll everything aligns itself naturally for good.



Not Knowing What Your Life Purpose Is

This probably should have topped my list. Your life purpose gives meaning to your existence and makes life a lot better when you know what you should be doing with your time here on earth.


That empty feeling only occurs in people who are still struggling to figure out what their purpose is.


Read this post to help you figure out what your purpose in life is.


When you are living a purposeful life everything just makes sense and aligns perfectly you have a burst of energy that gives you genuine happiness nothing can take away.



Poor Self Image

You know when they say happiness begins and ends with you? They are talking about self-image.


The way you view yourself sets the tone of how others treat you. It’s important to build your confidence in who you are and own it unapologetically.


See yourself like a star and the most important people in life. Cultivate a healthy self-image and genuinely love yourself.


It makes a world of difference when you do.



Unfulfilling Career

This is also similar to finding your life purpose. Spending 8 hours a day on something unfulfilling isn’t a way to spend the borrowed time we are living on here on earth.


Dare to dream big, chase your dreams or change career! Only two things can happen when you do. You either achieve it or gain some lessons.


It’s a win-win situation either way.


Also, a 9 to 5 is a great thing only if you are passionate about what you do. Switch jobs if that’s the case for you.



Mental Health

I take mental very seriously now and know when to take a step back for some self-evaluation.


A few things I do is mentioned here where I talk about achieving a healthy mindset.


Cultivate habits that make your mind richer in thoughts. Take it one day at a time and enjoy the process.


When you pay the right kind of attention to yourself you will learn what makes you happy naturally. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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