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Everything you need to know about shopping dupes

Don’t we all love a good bargain? Especially on trends and brands we are not quite ready to splurge on.. In this case, I’m talking about the Chanel Slingback dupes not exactly the imitations/replicas. There’s a big difference lovelies.

A dupe is when a product is made by borrowing inspiration from another brand, usually high end and an imitation is when a product is made to look identical to another product usually down to the logo. That’s a fashion no no. You don’t want to be spotted out in fakes and replicas. Also, as a creative myself, I know I’d feel a way about someone copying everything about my work but I’m happy to inspire others.

The Chanel Slingbacks are priced at $800. It wasn’t ever on my wishlist but when I spotted the dupes on Asos for under $60 and said “Oh well!”


I love the quality of these so much. They fit so great! They are well made and doesn’t look cheap like some other ones I’ve seen.

Where to look for dupe?

I can recommend three places to look when it comes to dupes for shoes. The quality however, varies.

  2. Asos
  3. Aldo


I hate to admit how much of a shoe-a-holic I am but a girl can never have too many shoes right?

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