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Essential Bullet Journal Supplies For Beginners

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If you are looking at bullet journal supplies you need, then you probably have an idea on how to start your own bullet journal. 


A bullet journal is a fun new way of creatively noting down your life, forming and tracking new habits, and staying ahead of your to-do-list.


Essentially, bullet journals are effective in maintaining an organized life.


You do not need a lot of things in designing your own journal.


Though you can spend much more on it depending on how decorative you want it to be you can have your own journal for as little as $25 by buying an already put together kit that contains all the essentials like this one.


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Key Bullet Journal Supplies You Need To Get Started


A Notebook

This is the most essential component of creating your own journal. This notebook is where everything goes. Now, you can use just about any book for your own journal as long as you are happy with it.


But… to get the most out of your journal, your notebook should be of a certain size and feature. Small enough for you to be able to carry it along with you and yet, big enough to be able to write in it.


There are two main kinds of journals people opt for. One is the Moleskin and the other is Leuchtturm (both listed below). 


The difference is that the moleskin is plain without dots or lines which enables you to freely draw, write and mark anywhere you please while the Leuchttrum comes faintly dotted (a more popular choice for those who need some guidance in enabling them to make cleaner and straighter lines and markings. 

Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter

Buy It



Moleskin Classic Notebook

Buy It



Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

Buy It



Pens and Markers

No judging if you chose to get just the journal and write with your pens at home but to make journaling a really fun activity, it’s better to invest in some cheap pens and markers like the ones listed below.


These pens and markers are some of the most popular ones on Amazon right now. My absolute favorite is the second one because I love gel pens and it is also ERASABLE! Wow! 


For those who want to include some techniques in their writing styles, I have also included a set of calligraphy pens below.


This takes your journal to a whole new level and, if you want to get in on it too but don’t know how to do calligraphy, there are cheap stencils you can buy on Amazon like this one.



Staedtler Color Pen Set

Buy It



PILOT Frixion Clicker Retractable Pens And Erasable Gel Pens

Buy It


Calligraphy Pens Brush Markers Set

Calligraphy Pens Brush Markers Set

Buy It



Creative Supplies

These aren’t really necessary but will definitely make your journaling experience addicting. I love buying stickers for my bujo.


The satisfaction of sticking them down is just amazing. Stickers tie everything in nicely for me.


This one below is a set of 1000 and for that price? Score!

Monthly Weekly Daily Planner Sticker Set of 1,000

Buy It


Stencils for the extra detail oriented folks.

20 PCS  Plastic Journal Stencil Planner

Buy It



That’s all you need for making a beautiful journal and you don’t have to buy everything. A journal and a set of colored pens are all you really need. 


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