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How To Choose The Perfect Electric Foot Callus Remover Tool

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Do you know you can do your pedicure treatment at home with the perfect electric foot callus remover? Dry and cracked feet can be a serious problem for a lot of people and taking care of it can get expensive really fast!


If you’re ready to pamper yourself and engage in some self-care activity at home using electric foot callus remover, then read on.


Have you ever had an amazing pedicure treatment at a spa and wondered how you can recreate the experience at home with a similar professional callus remover?


The warmer months are coming around and you may want to put on sandals that show your heels and toes but your calluses ruin that look.


Below are reviews of some of the best and least expensive electric foot callus removers. These choices are tried and tested by consumers who swear by them. Have a look.



What is the best foot callus remover

There are different callus removers but the best and safest ones are electric. Using a pumice stone on your feet can be energy-consuming as a rigorous activity, hurt your back and posture.


With an electric one, you get to smoothen out your feet without expending your strength unnecessarily.



1. Protech Rechargeable Electric Feet Callus Removers 

feet smoothing tool

Highlights: This device comes in a simple design. It is waterproof making it suitable for use in the shower. It can be used as a dry foot callus remover or with wet feet. This electric callus remover comes with a 600mAh Li-ion battery that can make it last up to 45 minutes and has a smart feature that switches off the device. If the pressure is too strong, it will automatically protect and stop to avoid damage to healthy skin.


Drawbacks: It takes a bit longer to file down hard skin.


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2. Care Me Powerful Electric Foot Callus Remover

callus remover

Highlights: This electric callus remover comes with a super coarse and a medium-coarse refill roller which makes it better value for your money. Those who have used it claim easily gets rid of nasty calluses, dry spots, and cracks and works for about 45 minutes after a full charge.


Drawbacks: Can only be used on dry feet and long charge time.


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3. Care Me Powerful Electric Foot Callus Remover Rechargeable

professional callus remover

Highlights: This Care Me electronic callus remover might just be the best one on Amazon rated 5 stars. The reason for this is its built-in battery charges just under 2 hours and lasts up till 1 hour in use. Rollers are made with finely ground diamond particles that tackle the toughest callous. Mind you, it is not water-proof!


Drawbacks: This product has a stellar 5-star review, hardly anything to mention here.


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4. Utilyze Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File 

best electronic feet callus remover

Highlights: With this one, there is no need to constantly change the batteries. It comes with an AC adapter for a convenient charging which turns green when full. This callus remover is made with ABS materials making it the closest to professional feet callus removers on the market. It can be used on wet and dry feet and comes with 3 rollers making that a bonus point.


Drawbacks: Longer charge time


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5. Aunote Electric Callus Remover

sandpaper callus remover tool

Highlights: As a more environmentally and friendly product, it comes with a socket design instead of rechargeable batteries. The ergonomic arc design makes it own a more comfortable hand feeling and easy to use. It includes extra 60 pieces of sandpaper discs 


Drawbacks: The circular head makes some areas between the toes hard to reach.


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Are electric callus removers good?

Electric callus removers are great to use, costs less energy than pumice stones where you have to vigorously scrub your feet or scarpers that use blades to slough off your dead skin which can end up hurting you.


Electric callus removers are the best and safest options for beautiful feet. These are rechargeable so all you literally have to do is charge it making it cost-effective as well.



How do you use an electric foot callus remover?

Some electric callus removers can be used on wet or dry feet. Make sure you read the instruction on your device before making use of it.


If your tool is water-proof, you can use it in the shower or soak up your feet in a pedicure tub for a few minutes before use.


Make sure you follow the instructions because some callus removers can only be used on dry feet.

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