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5 Crucial Steps To Connect With Your Readers

It is very important for a blogger to understand your readers and vice-versa. This is what will determine if your blog will make money or not. Asides from that fact, that is also how you increase your page views, keeping your audience engaged will lead you to easily convert your readers into buyers. 


There are so many reasons why your readers may not be coming back to your blog or subscribing to it, and that has a lot to do with how you are perceived as a blogger.


You can only expect sales if you can honestly answer these questions as YES.

  1. Am I trustworthy?
  2. Will I personally use the products I recommend?
  3. Do I love sharing information more than I want to make money?


Your readers are smarter than you think and they know that just because something is online doesn’t make it true and believable.


Me personally, I only buy recommended products from blogs I trust and the bloggers who are genuine. I’ve hardly sent items back doing this.


Now, in order to bridge that virtual gap between you and your readers, these are the 5 steps you must take if you want to build a genuine connection with your readers and convert your readers to buyers.


1. Listen To Your Readers

This is the most important tip for any blogger. Your audience should come first in terms of deciding what kinds of content you put out and how you do it. You can go the extra and take the initiative of asking what topics they want to read more of.

Listen for when they want you to apply certain techniques. For example, if they enjoy reading longer or shorter posts, you want to take that into consideration then if you want them to keep coming back.

A tip of mine is to study the results on Google Analytics. All the answers are there. See what posts are doing the best. The topic, the length, the pictures used etc will show you which ones your readers love most.


2. Be Realistic

Your readers are smarter than you think. Repeating this statement because it’s that important. They are very aware of the facade of a life everyone puts up on social media. Inasmuch as you want to maintain a certain vibe and look on your blog, try your very best to be realistic.

Your readers are real-life people who deal with real life situations and they need real-life answers to real-life problems, things that white backgrounds and cute flat lays can’t fix.  When you write, write to them like you really understand how life works and not try to paint a picture perfect world because it doesn’t exist.


3. Be Honest

For a blogger. you are going to find yourself in a state of not knowing where to draw the line and how much of your personal life you really want to share. Nonetheless, you don’t want to hold back from your readers and you don’t want to be caught in a lie.

I’ve seen bloggers in scandalous situations trying to save face. My opinion is when you are in a situation that has an explanation only you understand and can explain which has the potential to blow up out of proportion, it will be smart to talk to your readers first.


4. Share Real Life Experiences

Readers keep up with you for different reasons, it may be certain things you do or how you do them. What keeps them mostly engaged is when you write, you want to share real-life experiences. Could be pregnancy updates, story time, why an old relationship ended and so on.

Your readers are likely to have lots to say because these are some of the most common things that everyone has a thing or two to comment on. Keep your comment system open and ask your audience to share their experiences too.

There’s no faster way to build a bond with them but be honest and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.


5.Welcome Constructive Criticism

In keeping your readers engaged, you can’t always expect the kind of feedback you want, recognize the fact there’s always going to be a difference in opinion.

If you are really interested in building a relationship with your audience then you have to allow them to express themselves otherwise you will lose them.

As far as it is positive and constructive, you should allow it and sometimes acknowledge it.


This 5 tips will earn you trust from your readers and that’s only when they can buy from your links. Click HERE to read about starting a successful blog you can actually make money from.


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