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10 Thoughtful Items To Put In A Period Care Package

Nothing says you are well thought of like receiving a care package and everyone loves them! Care packages are instant mood boosters. So if you need ideas on a care package for your girlfriend on her period, this post is for you!

I am so excited to write this post because I suffer from severe PMS and I could use a care package sent my way every now and then. People who suffer from PMS go through a bout of an emotional rollercoaster with mild to severe pains. I know these feeling a little too well.

Receiving a care package will make anyone feel loved and cared for hence the name. There are different kinds of items you can put in a care package for people in different situations.

This post focuses on care package items for someone who is feeling down due to a likely cause of it’s PMS symptoms. 

Care Package Items For Girlfriend On Period

These items mentioned below are things you can put together to make a care package for a friend or loved one in times of distress. Wrap an empty box with a gift paper or get a basket for a lovely presentation.

1. Feminine Products

Feminine products are a no brainer to add to a care package for someone on her period. Don’t shy away from buying this if you are a man reading this. Periods are real and people have them monthly. Get her a set of feminine hygiene products and she’ll love you even more for showing you understand and it’s no big deal to you. 

2. Treats and Sweets

There is something about sweets, chocolates, and treats that make us girls happy almost instantaneously. I’m not a big sweets person but I love a chocolate bar whenever I’m PMS-ing. Candies and cookies have always been a great gift idea for any occasion so putting some in your care package will be a great idea. 

3. Hot Water Bottle

Heating pads have been used as a remedy for mild and severe period pains as an old practice and still very helpful today. Heat therapy is the use of heat for pain relief using a hot cloth, hot water bottle, or heating pads. My mum gifted me her hot water bottle which I’ve been using for a very long time but now they come in fancy cute animals making it an even lovelier care package idea. 

4. Tea

Looking for cozy ideas? Sipping tea is always so relaxing and not just that, there are herbal teas that specifically benefit women with period cramps. According to this article, peppermint tea, chamomile, ginger, dandelion, and cinnamon tea are the  5 best herbal teas for cramps. Tea definitely makes a lovely addition to any care package.

5. Bath Essentials

Bath essentials like body scrubs, body washes, and foam baths to draw a very bubbly bath are one of the most pampering gift ideas out there. Everyone loves to have a relaxing bath or the shower so it makes a great idea to also add this to your care package or make it your only item. Hot baths can be very soothing and relaxing especially for someone experiencing some cramps.

6. Cozy Slippers & Robe

Why not throw in a pair of cozy feet hugging slippers and soft cotton robe for her?

7. Hot Chocolate Mix

Warm drinks like hot chocolate can be very soothing and relaxing. There’s a reason why people reach out for this beverage choice whenever they want to feel extra cozy. I love a good movie with a cup of hot cocoa whenever I’m cramping. 

8. Scented Candles

Scented candles are perfect for creating a certain ambiance or generating a pleasant and mellow atmosphere which can be very relaxing. Candles have a way of calming the mind and reducing stress so it may also be a great care package idea.

9. Face Masks

The skin goes through a lot of changes especially when the body is going through some hormonal changes. During this time, most people experience acne and breakouts, which makes a face mask a perfect gift idea. Every girl could use a boost in skincare routine anytime.  I love Innisfree face masks, the best of the best in Korean skincare.

10. Book

Reading is an excellent idea for taking your mind off things in your environment. I read whenever I am looking for an escape sometimes or diverting my attention away from something like a bad mood. 


There are so many tips on how to take care of a girl on her period and sending care packages is one of the many ways.  

All that I have mentioned in this post are just ideas of items to put in a period care package, you don’t necessarily have to get them all. Think about the person the package is for and what they would really appreciate to find in them. 

Every girl loves gifts, especially the ones that say “I really care about you”. 

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