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How I Got My Fitness Groove Back | Nike Dualtone

Posted on 14

Its not unusual to fall off the wagon when it comes to fitness and choosing a healthy a healthy lifestyle. A lot of things can affect out fitness routines and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not as easy as one would like it to be.

I haven’t done my best the past couple of months with my diet, and for that I’d naturally compensate with spending more time at the gym to burn off the unwanted calories. I have been terrible with eating right and working out but the truth is I don’t regret at all any of those delicious meals I enjoyed during that time.

My workout gears were suddenly became boring to wear . It wasn’t helping that I had no motivation. So I wanted a new pair of gym shoes and I went shopping. I picked up the Nike Dualtone Trainers in White and Gold HERE. I love how stylish it is and how comfortable it makes me  feel.

I found this perfect for me since I do not run or do much of cardio workout routines. I basically work with weights (strength training) and they do a perfect job for that. With a good grip,  it’s great for balance and doesn’t slide or move my feet around basically helping me stay in position.

What can I say, I love them. Click the images below to shop.

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