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These Chanel Bag Dupes Will Elevate Your Style!

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Chanel bags are every girl’s dream. This is such a classy, sophisticated and elegant brand created by a woman who epitomizes these traits. It is quite hard to acquire them for reasons such as being an old design that has now become vintage or just very pricey (up to $9,000 sometimes). These Chanel bag dupes will work for now.


The Chanel boy bag and the classic flap designs are the most common amongst fashionistas and are most suitable for day to day wear as well as for occasions, events, and evening outs.


If you are not ready to acquire the real deal you can still acquire the look. These Chanel bag dupes listed below will create the same look and effect to your outfits.

It is important that when shopping for dupes, you do not buy the exact replica. In the fashion industry, it is very common for designers to borrow ideas and inspirations from other brands but copying an exact design down to the logo is frowned upon and an ultimate fashion faux pas is wearing one.


To buy the Chanel boy bag is a goal of mine but in the meantime, these Chanel bag dupes are perfect for that stylish look. It’s a pocket-friendly way to look expensive for less and there’s a wide variety of colors to choose from.


The Chanel ones are placed on the left and the dupes/inspired designs are on the right. To shop, click the links.


1.  Chanel Classic Jumbo Single Flap Bag In White

chanel bag dupes   CHANEL HERE / DUPE HERE


2. Chanel Burgundy Goatskin Medium Boy Bag 

chanel bag dupes         CHANEL HERE   / DUPE HERE 


3. Chanel Classic Jumbo Single Flap In Black

chanel bag dupes



4. Chanel Medium Boy Bag In Light Pink

chanel bag dupes



5. Chanel Boy Bag In Emerald Green

chanel bag dupes



6.  Chanel Classic Nude Flap

chanel bag dupes



7. Chanel Boy Bag In Caviar Grey

chanel bag dupes



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