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Affirmations For Healing – The List Everyone Truly Needs

Are you in need of a positive change in your wellbeing? Affirmations for healing could be just what you need!


Affirmations are simply positive words you repeat to strengthen your belief system. What you often think about becomes what you believe and what you believe slowly but surely becomes your reality.


Some people use affirmations as a coping mechanism or a way to create a trusting relationship with themselves but most use it for empowerment.


We focus on different types of healing affirmations in this post. There are different kinds of wellbeing; physical, mental, and emotional. The subcategories below list some powerful affirmations you can repeat daily for whatever king of healing you are in search of. 



Affirmations For Healing Trauma

People are traumatized by different things in life. Some traumas run as deep as an abuse, witnessing violence to things like going an a plane ride. In any case, using healing affirmations along with other exercises can help us heal from them or learn how to cope better so that we can still find joy in life.

1. I am safe

2. My courage is bigger than my fear

3. My past does not control my future

4. I deserve to be happy 

5. I am important

6. My life is meaningful

7. I’ve got my own back

8. I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from others

9. My past will remind me, but it will not define me

10. I am doing the best I can 



Affirmations For Depression 

Depression is known to be a mental condition that often times than not need expert medical treatments. However, if you are feeling mildly sad and riddled with negative thoughts, these affirmations could help you overcome the thoughts.

1. It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed

2. Every thought we think is creating our future

3. I am divinely guided and protected at all times

4. I love myself unconditionally

5. I am in control of my thoughts

6. I love everything thing about myself

7. I am grateful to be alive

8. I chose to be happy

9. I am a positive person

10. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow



Healing Affirmations For Grief

Looking for healing from grief can be a hard one. Losing someone dear to you makes life come to a standstill and it just looks like life can never be the same again. While that may be true for your experience, these affirmations when repeated daily bring you closer to coping with grief and eventually overcoming them.

1. In my sadness, I love myself

2. It’s okay to take time to grieve

3. I let go of my sorrow but hold onto my love for my loved one

4. I am willing to release any negative fearful idea from my mind and body and life

5. It’s okay to be angry at having to grieve

6. I will feel my grief but not wallow in it

7. Grief is not a negative emotion

8. What I feel is grief, not emptiness

9. I’m moving through grief, and on to other emotions

10. I’m so grateful our paths crossed



Healing Affirmations For Chronic Pain

Nothing feels as lonely as dealing with chronic pain. I have been there several times. Even when you have people around you, no one can feel what you feel. Reciting these affirmations have been really helpful for me. When all the well-wishers are gone and I lay in bed by myself, these are what I say.

1. Every single one of my cells is full of wellness and vitality

2. I am the picture of wellbeing

3. My peace is more powerful than my pain

4. I let go of all of my pain

5. My pain does not define me

6. My body is healthy and strong

7. I am overcoming my pain

8. I take good care of my body

9. I am slowly healing

10. I am a survivor 



Healing Affirmations For The Soul

There may be a need to heal your soul especially when you have been through something very toxic in life. Losing connection with your souls can manifest in many forms, one popular one is losing your instincts and inner guidance. Use these 10 affirmations to empower your soul again.

1. I am a spiritual being with divine intelligence

2. My soul is pure and free 

3. I am the master of the world within my soul

4. I will cultivate a positive environment for my soul

5. Negative thoughts have no room in my mind

6. Everything in my life is working great

7. I allow my soul to find healing

8. I free myself to answer the callings of my soul

9. My soul radiates light and love

10. My soul guides my body and mind


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Healing Affirmations For Anxiety

We all deal with anxiety every now and then. Things happen beyond our control that causes us to panic and feel helpless. Like depression, anxiety may need to help with medical treatments but there is also a place for affirmations. It is assuring and enables you to feel calm. 

1. I will not worry about what I cannot change

2. I am overcoming my anxiety

3. Negativity has no place in my thoughts

4. I let go of the need to control everything in my life

5. There are no obstacles I can’t overcome

6. Today, I chose joy

7. I have been through worse and survived

8. The tough time will be behind me one day

9. I chose to release the past and look forward to the good

10. There no mistakes, only lessons 



Affirmations For A Broken Heart

There are many ways to heal a broken heart. There’s no one way to deal with it but going through heartbreak can bring about negative thoughts and emotions. You may even begin to question yourself, your confidence, and your worth. You can heal faster by saying some positive words to yourself daily. 

1. I am courageous, it takes courage to give your heart to someone

2. I was created with love and love is within me

3. I never lose by loving

4. Love is a universal gift

5. I am getting stronger every day

6. I deserve love

7. My emotional wounds are healing

8. My past relationships do not define me today

9. I didn’t lose anything, I gained lessons

10. I am letting go, to create room for a better love



What you say can have different effects on your life. For that reason, I chose to speak positively over everything in my life by using affirmations for healing. 

What do you think?

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  • Chelle
    June 8, 2020

    It’s amazing and I love every post!!! It feeds my mind & soul❤️

    Thank you!