Stylish Bedside Table Lamps That Will Make Your Home Chic & Fab!

Since getting back into the groove of reading at bedtime, buying a bedside table lamp has been one of my prominent thoughts these days. I don’t like the part where I have to get up from bed to go switch off my lights when it’s time to sleep. I’m sure if you read too… or not, you’ll agree that it’s hard to get up from bed to do any other thing when your muscles and mind are so relaxed and cozy.

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10 Healthy Morning Habits That Tremendously Changed My Life

Now I never paid much attention to my morning routine and that’s basically because I wasn’t a morning person. I have always been a night owl. That’s when I come alive and get most of my work done. That’s just the time I’m most creative and can actually be productive.  In search of healthy morning habits, I decided to switch things around just to see what works and what doesn’t. This post is not to tell you exactly what you must do to have a less stressful and happier day but to see if one or more of my tips will work for you as well. Differences in personalities, chores, jobs, family dynamic don’t make topics like these a one size fits all, unfortunately.


Reasons Why I Switched To My Current Morning Habits 


It’s very easy to fall into the night owl lifestyle when you are single, live alone and have to be responsible for just yourself. From working nonstop on my computer from university, I jumped straight into another computer-based lifestyle; blogging.


I’d be on my computer all day long and because I worked late in the morning (3am-4am), I’d wake up by midday. Half of the day would be gone but it didn’t seem to matter since I work for myself anyway, I’m an introvert with little errands that could still be achieved in the afternoon hours. I convinced myself that I was getting more done by working late but I sleep 8 hours so that easily made it counterproductive.


Hoeverver, as much as I liked that lifestyle I had to quit it for numerous reasons so of which are;

  • My sleep pattern became irregular and easily disrupted by noises generated from other peoples morning activities.
  • I woke up tired most times.
  • It was difficult to make early morning appointments.
  • Breakfast wasn’t even a question.
  • I put on a few unflattering pounds around my midsection from late night snacking.
  • It was hard to be productive until nighttime.


Current Morning Habits


Pray/Meditate: This has become an integral part of my morning. I know a lot of people will rather meditate at night time to clear their minds in order to sleep better (which I do too). Though, I like to start my morning this way as well. It preps me better on how to approach the day.


Hydrate: Hydrating is very important to me for two reasons. One, it’s doctor recommended and two, it aids in having a healthy bowel movement. I’m not one of those people blessed with a healthy regular bowel movement but I noticed that drinking a glass of water before food in the morning helps greatly.


Do Some Yoga/Stretches: I spoke on yoga in my last post about how it’s beneficial in creating a healthy mindset. This is a very peaceful and special moment for me to be in tune with myself while gaining physical benefits from it by working my muscles.


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Say Morning Affirmations: I use morning affirmations as a preemptive defense mechanism to rid negative thoughts and situations that I may come across on each day.  These are very vital to me, I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful and confident I feel whenever I practice this act. Read more here.


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Having Breakfast: Breakfast was a luxury when I was deep into my night owl lifestyle. I just slipped into having lunch as a first meal of the day which is very unhealthy, lacked important morning nutrients you typically get in breakfast meals. This really changed my morning because it makes feel so energetic and I’m 10x more productive.


Taking My Vitamins: This is not for everyone, it has a lot more to do with the state of your overall health. I recently purchased B Complex and Cod Liver Oils to provide me with some nutrients I seem to never get enough of. I find that I’m very energetic and it boosts my overall mood.  It’s best you consult your doctor before taking vitamins.


Morning Showers: I like to have a shower twice a day, morning and evening. Really important to my skincare routine but most importantly, it has a way of waking you up and there’s nothing I can compare that fresh feeling to, coffee doesn’t even come close.


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Consult My To-Do List: I like to prioritize my tasks and chores to fit a time schedule where they will be easier for me to achieve. I typically do home chores like cleaning and laundry around the evening time while errands like going to the malls, post office, and appointments obviously have to be completed during work hours but I opt for 9- 10 am so I can have the rest of the day for work.


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Whether you are a morning person or not, establishing healthy morning routines can set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Click this article to read on how to improve your life #selfcaretips #mornigroutine


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The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Spiritual And Holistic Person

Choosing a gift for a spiritual/holistic person can be very tricky but I’ll simplify it for you in this post. Being a spiritual person myself, I know how to navigate my way around selecting the perfect gifts for people who share the same values as me. This post is just a gift guide intended to help you make the right choice of what to get. I will help further by listing a few items you can choose from or just to inspire you.


People who are into spirituality are very different to other people in what they hold dear and what they find value in. When selecting gifts for such people, price points hardly matter for they’re hardly impressed by how expensive the gift is. Of course, quality is important but most of us just want gifts with a beautiful meaning attached to it. Something that shows you support and value us even if our lifestyles and beliefs are different.


Be aware that some of these people don’t celebrate the holidays in a traditional manner, but it’s no excuse not to share gifts with them. It’s just a matter of kind gestures and showing appreciation. Also, note that there are people who are spiritual as well as religious. These two concepts are very different, yet there are people who practice both.


It’s best to make your gift of choice personal to your giftee’s lifestyle. For example, if you are aware they enjoy doing yoga, try to center your gift choices around that. There are so much more ideas to surprise your giftee and give them something they’ll forever appreciate and remember you for.


Best Spiritual Holistic Gift Ideas 


  • self-help books
  • organic essential oils
  • oil diffuser
  • healing crystals, geodes, and crystal wands
  • handcrafted ornaments
  • yoga mats, yoga blocks
  • organic gourmet cooking oils
  • organic and exotic herbs or teas
  • booking experiences that involve nature
  • yoga retreats /wellness spa e.t.c


This gift guide shows 18 unique gift ideas for spiritual people and gift ideas for holistic people. Read more to learn how to choose the perfect gift this holiday for your loved ones #christmasgiftsforher #christmasgiftideas #uniqquechristamsgiftideas yoga mats, essential oils, crystals and more plus #giftwrappingideas


1. Heart Shaped Rose Quartz Puffy Heart Stone for Chakra Energy Healing

2. Majestic Pure Lemon Natural Therapeutic Oil Therapeutic Oil

3. Crystals for Healing: The Complete Reference Guide With Over 200 Remedies for Mind, Heart & Soul

4. Majestic Pure Lavender Natural Therapeutic Oil 

5. 2-in-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp and Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with Handcrafted 100% Pure Himalayan Salt Rocks

6. Chakra Healing Crystals Copper Money Tree Wrapped On Natural Rose Quartz Base

7. AMETHYST Cluster

8. Numi Organic Tea Mini Sampler Variety Pack

9. Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

10. Healing Crystal Wands Selection of 4

11. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp With Neem Wood Base

12. The Tree of Life Jewelry Sterling Silver

13. Natural Quartz Crystal Rose Apple Figurine Gemstone Ornament

14. Trideer Yoga Mat Design, Premium Print Non-Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat

15. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

16. Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal

17. Saje aromaOm Deluxe Essential Oil Diffuser

18. Chakra Stones-Reiki Healing Crystal With Engraved Chakra Symbols Holistic Polished Palm Stones Set of 7


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Tips for Wrapping These Kinds Of Gifts


Gift wrapping ideas are everywhere on the internet, and if you are not that crafty, you can get your gifts professionally wrapped. You can find the most creative gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest (follow me here). Here are a few examples of how to wrap these kinds of gifts.


spiritual holistic gift ideas

From Love Create Celebrate


spiritual holistic gift ideas

From Kristen Lindsay


spiritual holistic gift ideas

From The House That Lars Built







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Setting Up A Home Office The Right Way

Working from home isn’t as luxurious as a lot of people think. Yes, it’s more comfortable but it comes with its own struggle too. I find that it’s easy to lose motivation, get distracted or even lose inspiration. I am a blogger who works from home and my workstation plays a huge role in how productive I can be. There is a big need for my environment to mentally stimulate me. This is where setting up a home office comes in.


Having a home office or an office nook set up is very crucial to keep being productive and it helps in reinforcing self-discipline. This space has to be able to promote efficiency in a non-traditional work environment. For me, sometimes I lay in bed while working and I can’t even begin to count how often I get distracted; from watching random Youtube videos to snacks and lengthy phone conversations just because of how relaxed I felt.


I don’t have a home office yet, but it’s a huge priority on my goals list. The kitchen counter has been good so far but I’m in need of a change. So I went on my favorite home decor website, Amazon, which has amazingly cheaper deals than other stores selling similar.


Who Needs A Home Office


Having a home office is not limited to just corporate workers who work from home anymore. People have special requests for a dedicated office when buying homes now.

  • if you are a student (part time/full time)
  • if you are a blogger/ online content creator
  • freelance workers
  • if you bring work home
  • if you work in fields that require taking periodic professional exams


How To Build A Home Office


Make a detailed list of your home office needs 

Before you begin anything else, make a detailed list of everything you need to make your office efficient. Prioritize this list from needs to wants and work with your budget if you have any.


Choose a dedicated space in your house for your home office 

This could be an entire room or just a corner. It is important you chose this space wisely. For example, if you intend to get things like printers/fax/home phone, you want a space/corner where you have access to power outlets to plug in these devices. Also, if you intend on receiving clients in your home office then you want to choose an empty room close to your entrance away from noise while maintaining your home privacy.


Get Creative

The best part about having a home office is that you can personalize it. It doesn’t have to look boring with basic colored furniture and pieces of equipment. Have fun with it. Make it in such a way that it inspires you and motivates you to want to sit there and get work done. Surround yourself with colors and decor that get your creative juices flowing.


White and Gold home office ideas for a beautiful home office that is functional. feminine and chic. This post covers home office ideas to make working from home enjoyable #homeofficeideas #whitehomeofficedecor #workfromhome


Click Links to Shop These Decor Pieces

1. Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can 

2. Contemporary Style Home & Office Desk

3. Gold Desk Tape Dispensers 

4. Desktop Planter Vase Geometric Container

5. Swingline Stapler

6. Pencil Cup Holder

7. High Back White Leather Executive Swivel Chair

8. Desktop Tape Dispenser

9. Magnetic Marble White Clip Holder With Clips

10. Slim Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver

11. Stackable Desk File Letter Tray Organizer, Sets Of Two

12. Metal Mirrored Ornate Decorative Trays (Set of 2)

13. Gold Wire Metal Pencil Cup

14. Slim Elegant Design Calculator 

15. Round Cut Out Pattern Decorative Tray with Gold Metal Handles

16. Coffee End Tables (Set of 2)


Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Home Office


  • Establish office hours and lunch break. This tip is necessary to maintain the discipline that is needed to accomplish your daily tasks.
  • Separate your personal life from professional life. Keep away your personal phone while working.





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5 Ways To Achieve A Healthy Positive Mindset

In recent times, more and more people struggle to maintain a healthy positive mindset. I know why that is.  Unlike the past generations before us, our time seems to be very demanding. We are swamped with loads of expectations both within and without our selves. There seems to be a lot going on and we are just too busy. Our minds are constantly racing; making plans, chasing dreams and ambitions etc, and slowly but surely sacrificing our mental health to measure up to all these things.


The mind is very powerful, everything you can possibly do in life starts and ends there. The power of the mind is not to be underestimated. So why don’t we spend more time taking care of it? My guess is because the mind is intangible and on the inside, it’s easy to neglect. Sometimes, we pay more attention to what other people can see because we do not want to be judged.


It may be challenging for some people to create and maintain a healthy mindset while easy for others. However, with constant practice, you will be the one controlling your mind and not the mind controlling you. I am listing below the five things I do to achieve a healthy mindset and lay the best foundation for your day to day activities.


Change your life with these tips to create a healthy mind for yourself. In order to live a happy life you have to work on your mind first and these tips are going to help you achieve that.


1. Meditation

I started meditating over a year ago and I wonder why I didn’t start sooner as I can’t see myself living without it. This is an act I practice at least 3 times a week, either mornings or night time. Absolutely soothing for my mind. Whenever I meditate, I feel 10 pounds lighter. That shows me how much mental weight (baggage) I accumulate and log around.


We can’t really control how much information our mind absorbs but what we can control is how to process it. Meditation will help you achieve that.


There’s a huge misconception that meditation means clearing the mind of all thoughts. That’s absolutely impossible. Meditation is about coming into oneself and finding a balance with all there is within. During this act, you are nurturing your mind by ridding it of negativity and drawing positive energy in using sounds and/or visualization techniques.


You can choose to practice meditation all on your own or listen to a guided one. Youtube is a great place to start if you want to give it a try. I doubt you’ll stop once you start.


2. Affirmations

This is another practice I can’t live without. Affirmations made all the difference for me in strengthening my mind against negative thoughts. When you affirm something to yourself, you are choosing to believe in things as a fact whether it appears so or not. Affirmations are positive mantras we repeat to ourselves as a reconditioning technique.


Sometimes, people think negatively of us to the point that some people start to believe what others think of them. You have to learn how to speak, think and believe positive things about yourself. This is where affirmations come in. Repeat a few positive affirmations as often as needed. Thoughts become things. I have a dedicated post on this topic you can read here.


3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is another practice that benefits the mind. To simply put it, mindfulness is an act of intentional living. Intentional living in the sense that it requires you to bring consciously bring your attention to the present and focus with all of your senses on all that is occurring at the present moment.  This state of mind can be easily achieved through the practice of constant yoga and meditation.


An example, I recently took a trip to England and during my time away, I left all worries and concerns behind the moment I stepped on the plane. Lived every day for the moment literally with no care in the world soaking everything in and actively staying in the present moment with my friends and family. That was a trip I needed to get my life together. I love this article on mindfulness, I’d suggest you read it if this topic interests you.


4. Yoga

I started doing yoga about two weeks ago. I never took yoga seriously because I believed in gym workouts and thought it (yoga) was too easy and all about stretches and swaying movements but I was wrong. I worked and flexed muscles I never felt in my body before. If you are looking to build lean muscles, this is the way to go. Anyway, my sister has a great influence on me and she had been practicing yoga for over a year now. Always invited me to join but I couldn’t see the point. Eventually, I tried it and I fell in love with it.


For me, what I love the most about yoga is that I have a poor balance and with yoga, I can fix that. I also realized how much focus and intent yoga required. When you are on that mat, there is no room for negative thinking or hyperactive mind. It is a time to be calm and connect your soul to your body and the moment you are distracted, you lose balance (note that losing balance is very normal for beginners).


The benefits of yoga are vast. I describe it as a physical and mental workout. To get started, I’d recommend you get a very good non-slip yoga mat for the best support and practice this 30 min Yin Yoga class by Travis Eliot. It’s amazing, you’ll love it.


5. Reading

I am also in the process of cultivating a good reading habit. I used to read a lot. A lot of fictional and non- fictional books but not anymore. I lost interest in such books when I started my soul searching journey and my interest grew for self-help books that focused more on spirituality and self. I’m always up for anything that can benefit my soul.


Reading helps you take your mind off things that may have a burdening effect on your mind. It’s a way to escape and exercise your mind as you paint the pictures of the story in your mind. Reading is also very healthy for our minds and it supposedly strengthens our memories and prevents/delay diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


I am currently reading Living In The Light by Shakti Gawain, this book was lent to me and I can’t believe a book like this existed all this while and I’m just reading it. This book is so amazing and if you are someone who has ever questioned your existence, wondered what your purpose might be in life or simply just curious about the concepts within spirituality then you must give this book a read. I’m definitely buying my own copy to grow a collection.


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