7 Ways To Immediately Change Your Life

If you find yourself feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and maybe just need some changes and expecting better results for your overall well being then maybe it’s time for you to start considering making some changes. To change your life, you have to change some of your habits. When you develop new habits, your perspective about life changes. Only then can you find true happiness and fulfillment.


Whatever you want out of life or whatever you want to become, this post is bound to help. It may not give you all the answers you need right now but applying a few tips from here is a step in the right direction. You don’t want to find yourself in the future saying things like “I might have” or “I should have”. Phrases like these are the saddest things anyone can say and are usually followed by a midlife crisis, an uneventful life or an unwavering bout of regrets when it’s already probably too late.


In this post, I have 7 tips to share with you about how you can change your life to be whatever you want to be in a heartbeat. It starts with a choice only you can make for yourself. Here goes;


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1. Acknowledge Your Past Mistakes and Learn From Them

Life is basically about choices. The ability to make a choice will determine your reality today. You are where you are right now because of the choices you have made and it’s definitely okay because we don’t have to have life figured out. Life is a learning process and don’t let anyone take your bad choices away from you. Those will be your ammunition for the future ones you are about to make. The bad choices we’ve made in the past are meant to steer us in the right direction after learning from them.


2. Erase The Idea Of Perfectionism From Your Mind

This is something I have battled with myself because of how passionate I get when it comes to goals and achievements. Perfect doesn’t exist and once you realize this, you can ease up on yourself and be happier. Perfection is a wild idealism bound to ruin a healthy state of mind. Know that you are just enough and be happy with what you have. You don’t have to lower your standards but set realistic ones for yourself.


3. Make Sure To Have Supporters In Your Life

If you are not being supported by your friends then you have to look for new friends. Everyone needs a support system; people that will be there for you no matter what and are not afraid to tell you the truth. Avoid ‘yes people’, have a circle of people that are ready to support your goals and dreams and will encourage you.


4. Think Highly of Yourself  For You Will Only Go As High As You Think

Your mind is where becoming who you want to start from. Limitations and possibilities live there. It is up to you to decide what part to focus on. If you think you can’t achieve something then there’s a fair chance it won’t happen and vice versa. Fill your mind with positive thoughts so that you can attract positive things.


5. Face Your Fears And Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Ever heard that saying that goes like “Everything you want is outside your comfort zone?” So what are you going to do about it? Your wants won’t come to you. If you desire them that much, you have to go for it. Nothing bad can come out of it. You either win something or learn from it. It’s honestly not that hard.


6. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Bring excitement into your life by trying out things you’d really not want to. Be an adventurous thrill seeker. To really understand what I mean, look at Will Smith’s Instagram account. He is LIVING while millions of people watch. Go mountain climbing, deep diving, bungee jumping e.t.c. The adrenaline pumps you get from these activities fill you with bursts of energy which makes you realize you can do anything.


7. Go For A Social Media Detox

Take some days off social media. Do it for your mental health. It’s hard not to fall into the trap of comparison and that’s what social media does. Step away from it, watch the news and some documentaries instead. That’s where you’ll learn how people really live because no one is going to post their bad times on social media.

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3 Simple Steps To Achieve Any Goal

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Remember Why You Started

It starts with an idea to achieve any goal. Then you build on it, think and plan how to achieve it. You need to persevere  if it is something worth chasing. You probably came up with that idea because it is a solution to a problem. People make goals to be successful, sense of accomplishment, or to find happiness by chasing these things. If what you are seeking can only be derived from achieving these goals, then you will have to remind yourself everyday about why you need to achieve them.

This is a necessary step for keeping your energy intact, to persevere,, or when you come across setbacks which is very possible. Your job is to rise above these setbacks by reminding yourself why you started.


Do Something That Benefits The Goal Everyday

The best tip to easily accomplish your goals is to do something everyday that contributes to achieving your goal. Read a book,  do more research, watch Youtube to learn how others were able to do it. Just keep contributing to your knowledge any way you can. It prepares you for challenges and how to solve them. It is easy to get discouraged so you want to be prepared for as much as you can.

By doing this, I use my journal to stay on track. I write down my day to day activities, planned accordingly and I try my best to follow through.


Learn To Work Smarter Not Harder

This statement is fast becoming a cliche but it’s easy to reach a burn out when working blindly, expending so much time and energy. When you are well informed on the fundamental steps you need to take to achieve your goals you will know where taking shortcuts is okay and how to maximise your time and resources efficiently.


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